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Soccer is the Greatest Sport


For the sake of clarity NFL Football=Football and FIFA football= Soccer. I will begin my positive arguments now.... The sheer popularity is the primary reason it is the greatest. It is played in every country and watched in every country. Football does not even come close to the same popularity. It is played and watched by all, rich or poor, young or old, Asian, Latino, white or African--It is truly played by everyone. The simple iconic nature of soccer is amazing too. The pro player...

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The United States should design a universal health care system.


Hello Everyone, I want to start out by saying universal health care is not the solution to health care problems. First off, if you a believer that 45 million Americans are uninsured, stop smoking. Mark Steyln, a expert at Harvard University says that in that 45 million, 9 million aren't American, 9 million of them are actually insured, and 18 million of them are young and health and have no need for health insurance. The other millions left show to be wealthier than the average American. It...

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The patriots are the greatest football team in NFL history


Hello, my argument today is in favor for the patriots being the greatest football team in history. As everyone knows the patriotshave the best offense, and their entire starting offensive line is going to the pro bowl. Tom Brady is the best quaterbackplaying now, and can throw with procision and accuracy. Not only are they going to win the superbowl again, while being undefeated, but theyare going to surpass many other records. If anyone doesn't agree with this, you should go to hell...

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increasing the public health to sub sharan Africa by helping to decrees the number of Malaria cases.


We should increase out giving because malaria is a treatable and preventable diseas and action must be taken. Every min. five children will die from malria. With a smiple package of commodites we would be able to stop these needles deaths. Plan 1. Require that the funding of the Bush Mlaria plan require DDT spraying and the switching of the funds 2. Provide health care workers to deliver the nets, drugs, and other assistanc 3. right to define terms 4. right to fiat...

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The United States Is a Faltering Nation.


Well, I'd be more than happy to get further in depth after my opponent brings up his points, but here are mine: The United States is on the decline. This is because of several reasons, not all of which are necessary for a downfall, but just contribute. 1. Lack of serious global competition, power-wise. 2. Severe Lack of Soft Power, and Hard Power that may be faltering. 3. Enemies that are transboundary and practically invisible. 4. Dependence on Foreign Oil and Oil in general. 5. Economi...

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