Rudd vs AbbottPosted 8 years Ago

Australia (the public) has the power to say and choose who we want as our next PM. The problem is that we're channeling all sorts of 'negativity' in political agendas. Which in return, leaves us with RUDD (now) VS ABBOTT (we can only blame ourselves).
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Police kills dogPosted 8 years Ago

After watching the video, we could all agree/disagree all we want.

But, I think we are also forgetting one important
thing' during the event. The window was down, which allowed the dog to come out and did what it did.

Shouldn't the police or the owner of the vehicle made sure the dog could not get out in anyway possible in the first place?

This, in my opinion, was due to 'human error', which could've been avoided if proper measurements were taken place.
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