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Gun ban


A gun ban in the United States of America will not work and will not solve our problems. The gun ban in Austrailia would not translate well to the U.S.A. Austrailia is an island nation with no immediate threats unless NZ turned on them. The US borders Canada and Mexico, Mexico is home to the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere (Juarez) and experiences more threats. The US does have more crime than AUS but it also has a larger population. People get killed every day in both cou...

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Is it always racist to say N Word (expletive)?


The actual word will not be used by me, what my opponent chooses to say is none of my business. No strawmans. I hate that fallacy. I have believed in racial unity since I was 15 for religious reasons, but I have 5 mental illnesses, so I have popped off and run my mouth and said unchristian things after I accepted racial unity as part of my Christian faith. I freely accept that I am a female dog when I say bad things, but please don't call me a racist when I believe that we are all one human race...

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Updated 2 Years Ago

LGBT+ community should be treated equally


So I did this before but something came up so it ended. I feel like the LGBT+ community should be treated equally since they are people too. I don't understand why they can't be treated like someone who's straight. I'm open to any person, and my one rule is: We're only debating. We just have different opinions. I love debating and even tho we don't agree we can still have fun...

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Updated 2 Years Ago

Is there a rapture taught in the Bible?


The rapture is an event that some Christians teach is from the Bible. It means Jesus beams us up to Heaven if we believe. I am a futuristic posttribulationist which means the gathering together of the elect happens after the Tribulation of those days according to Matthew chapter 24:20-31, and that the Tribulation is a two part 7 year time that is divided into the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation according to Matthew 24:15, and that this 7 year time begins with the covenant with many mention...

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Updated 2 Years Ago

Being Transgender is having/experiencing a mental illness and/or disability


Not agreeing with the gender you are born with is a mental disability and/or illness. If you have a penis you are male and a boy. If you have a vagina you are female and a girl. The whole genderfluid, non-binary thing is illogical. Even if you are a transgender, there are two options, male or female....

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