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About Me:My logical position is on suffering and happiness. From these two, I deduce the following moral laws: 1) Good is something that is our goal and that we should seek to achieve. Bad is something that is not our goal and that we shouldn't seek to achieve. 2) Decreasing suffering is good. Increasing suffering is bad. 3) Increasing happiness without increasing suffering is good. Decreasing happiness without decreasing suffering is bad. 4) Increasing happiness that results in increasing suffering is bad. Decreasing happiness that results in decreasing suffering is good. 5) Increasing the amount of life and happiness on Earth without increasing suffering is good. I consider suffering to be the worst thing in the world, even worse than killing and murder. I am pro abortion. I am pro euthanasia. I am completely anti-child birth.
Activities:I am thinking about death. Death is peace. Freedom from pain, suffering or boredom. Happiness, while being as good as it is, it is not permanent. It is only temporary. But death is long lasting, if not eternal peace.
Beliefs:I want to lick a 4 year-old girl with my tongue
Books:Harry Potter
Movies:I still want to lick a 4 year-old girl with my tongue.
Music:She is mine
Quotes:I wonder if a 4 year-old girl wants me to lick her with my tongue.
Sports Teams:Maybe if I lick her just once, she won't tell anyone.
TV Shows:I am still thinking about licking a 4 year-old girl on the cheek.

Should abortion be safe, Legal, And rare?


Pro means yes, Con means no. First round is for acceptance only....

Debating Period
Updated 2 Years Ago

Keep abortion legal for women and people with reproductive parts


I will be arguing for abortion under the following arguments: Abortion is not and cannot be considered murder Abortion is safe and basic healthcare necessity and Banning abortion will have devastating impacts on everyone First round I would like you to make your opening statement and your arguments. No need for long explanations yet that will come in round 2. Round 3 will be refuting arguments I look forward to this debate....

Debating Period
Updated 2 Years Ago

Why 4 Year Old Girls and Dark Gods


Just want to know why 4 year olds and why the "Dark Gods" to be honest i don't care that much but ill probably leave this site in a day or 2 but i just wanted to know...

Debating Period
Updated 2 Years Ago

Is Pansexual a Legitimate Sexuality


Pansexuality is a legitimate sexuality. I am a female in high school and, Yes, I am still figuring my life out. I know one thing is certain, Though. I am Pansexual. There is no other option for my sexuality: I like girls, I like boys, I like nonbinary, Trans, And agender people. I just do--and Ive met plenty of these kinds of people before. I am Pansexual. I exist. And I stand strong with my argument...

Debating Period
Updated 2 Years Ago

If a 4 year-old girl masturbates, Asks sexual questions and makes sexual advances, That's consent


What if a 4 year-old girl consents but man doesn't? Who is raping who then, Makes you wonder right? Checkmate!...

Debating Period
Updated 2 Years Ago
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