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Atheism is good (I'm bad with titles)


How can God be real? Sure there's a white old guy in the clouds that made a universe! Makes perfect sense, not. I'm not saying that it's wrong to believe in him, I just don't get it! Why can't I make stuff appear out of nothing? What created God? I know that the Bible said that he was always there or that he made himself (I think). But both of them are impossible! A man can't create him self if he did exist before he created himself, and it is impossible for some thing to just be there fore ever...

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United Pentecostal Church heresy


I would like to argue from the stance that the United Pentecostal Church, or how I will be referring to them as the UPC, is an organization that stands in direct contradiction the Gospel, the death Burial and resurrection, of Jesus Christ. The person who accepts this challenge will obviously be defending the UPC. That all their rules and regulations when it comes to women and their hair, their skirts, and men and their hair are biblical truths. You will have to prove how all these rules coin...

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Science vs. God/Religion


I want to get straight into the debate. In this debate, I'm for Science. I ask the contender to not call me an atheist, for I believe in God as much as the next guy. The first round: Evolution vs. Creationism. I believe that Evolution is the more plausible outcome for humanity. The similarities between humans and primates are too great. Primates are also one of the most smartest mammals on the planet. If you look at a chart on evolution, it is undeniable. Therefore, Evolution is more likel...

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There is no biblical reason the Boy Scouts of America should not be allowed to meet in a church


This argument presupposes the Bible is inerrant as well as authoritative; Please consider this when taking the con, this is NOT a debate on homosexuality. There is no biblical reason the BSA should not be allowed to meet in a church. I present the following three reasons with scripture to qualify this position: 1.) "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23- We run a dangerous gauntlet when we allow ourselves as Christians to feel we cannot interact with sinners....

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All religions are the same


All religions do not lead to the same conclusion, nor do they attempt to say so in their own right, therefore this statement is completely false and assumptive...

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