Three Philosophical Topics - 1F


The free will debate is OFF-LIMITS unless I approve of you in the comment sections. So if you want to argue for the existence of free will, leave me a few comments so I can be sure that we can pass the very bare rudimentary philosophical material in our debate to avoid what can very well be a philosophy lecture. I will present three philosophical debate topics and allow my opponent to have the opportunity to choose one of them to debate. The procedure is simple: in this round I list the 3 to...

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Being in favor of abortion and against the death penalty is hypocritical and typically liberal.


Being in favor of abortion and against the death penalty, is not only morally wrong, it doesn't make sense. Kill babies that haven't had a chance at life save the adults that had a chance at life and chose to use it to murder people. I went through profiles of people I disagreed 50% or more on and most of them were liberal, in favor of abortion and against the death penalty. I personally think that is sick. How can you want to snuff out an innocent life, yet want to let an evil person, tha...

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