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Is the bible true?


Now before I start this let me say 1) I do not hate Christians, I love them as anyone else 2) athiests are not bullies 3) atheism is not a faith, it is a lack of faith 4) atheists do have lives, just because I don't believe in God doesnt mean I have no life on earth Does a God exist? A supernatural christian God that created everything. Now I'm not religion bashing or anything like that, but I'm wondering, why do you believe in God? Is there a real reason for it? In my opinion, it makes n...

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Is America truly a "free" country


In my humble opinion, not quite yet. Think about it. Gay marriage is not legal in all 50 states yet. The Supreme Court has really been falling behind on that issue. Abortion is still not wanted around. Why can't a women who is raped get an abortion, it's her body, not yours. Same thing with homosexuals, they didn't do anything to you so you have no right to own their lives. Having rights to these is an issue still, we should have the pursuit of happiness, not being married to who you want bec...

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Do you believe in the existence of a new world order?


It's been a personal hobby of mine to researching history and I've looked into the Bavarian Illuminati, and there is strong evidence to support that this group lived on and is really running the world today. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was a former Jesuit priests. Just a couple years before the formation of this secret society, the Catholic Church suppressed the Jesuit order because they have been implemented in political maneuvering and economic exploitation of that time fram...

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Sexuality is not a big deal


Sexuality, there are lot but here are a few, Heterosexual-someone who is attracted to those of the opposite gender Homosexual-someone who is attracted to those of the same se Bisexual-Someone who is attracted both genders Why are the last two mentioned so much and hated? Bullies, that's all, homophobes. A homophobe is someone who has a dislike, fear, or prejudice against homosexuals. Usually because of religious reasons. People like infamous westboro baptist church who are highly hate...

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Should homosexuality be accepted into our society(please give reasoning that is non-religious)


I am pro-gay marriage because I don't mind if 2 loving couples get married, I'd like to hear some reasoning as to why it's bad, but all I've heard is religious reasoning, that's not what I'm looking for, why do you agree with me? I'd like to see debating from a homonegativist or homophobic perspective. My arguements 1) they didn't hurt you or society, what they do in bed is not your buissness 2) love is love, it's not fake 3) it's scientifically proven to not be a choice, not all people can...

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