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About Me:Hello everyone! I just want to say something: I'm not going to be participating in any debates for a while. Maybe one or two, but this profile was so that I could express my need to argue with other intellectuals, avoid temptation, and to relate with others the Grace that saved me.
Activities:Lately, I have not felt the need to debate, mainly because I've been asked to preach at my church. I will be the youngest person ever to preach there and I'm thoroughly excited. I'll have the podcast here eventually.
Beliefs:The fact of the matter is, is that I'm too consumed with school work amongst other things to debate right now. HOWEVER, I will return! The need to show others the truth of Christ has manifested in my soul and at one point or another I will come back to rejoin my DDO companions.
Books:I might do one debate occasionally, but until that time I say God Bless. If anyone needs me I'll still check my messages among other things, so I love you guys and I can't wait to come back!
Movies:Sincerely, Taylor from SAH!
Quotes:"It's a relationship, not a religion"
Sports Teams: This is the video of me preaching at me church. I hope you enjoy it.

At the Last Supper Christ instituted the Eucharist as Catholics understand it


Greetings SkepticsAskHere, In this debate I will be taking the position that the bread and wine blessed by Christ at the Last Supper became his real and genuine body and blood (I can expand on this later). My opponent will take the position that the bread and wine did not become Christ's real body and blood as many Christians hold. The main definition which this debate will need is that of the word Eucharist: Eucharist: The name given to the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in its twof...

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A Christian Ought to Vote Against Prop 8


Thanks to SkepticsAskHere for accepting this debate. ===== INTRODUCTION ===== I am a relatively conservative Christian, as is my opponent. I, however, believe in the right to gay marriage - not only from a political and constitutional standpoint but from a Biblical one. I believe that supporting gay marriage is justifiable from a Scripture-based worldview, and I will attempt to defend that position here, should my opponent accept. I hope that this will be a fruitful and an enjoyable debate f...

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The Bible contains contradictions


Hello DDO, I am a new member and I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.In this debate, I will attempt to show that the Bible is full of contradictions.StructureRound 1: Acceptance only, no argumentsRound 2: Pro's opening arguments, con's first rebuttalRound 3: Pro's first rebuttal, con's second rebuttalRound 4: Pro's second rebuttal, con's third rebuttalRound 5: Closing arguments, pro's and con's last rebuttals.In addition, we must wait till round 5 to state why vote for yo...

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The Qur'an was a revelation from God.


Hello DDO! This is Taylor from Skeptics Ask, and welcome to this debate. I have agreed to debate the topic of - The Qur'an was a revelation from God. I will be taking the Con stance on this (saying that the Qur’an is the words of men) and for the sake of time I will simply post my two favorite arguments. I will start by laying down the foundations for the debate. Burden of Proof My opponent has the burden of proof of showing evidence that the Qur’an was a revelation from God. I...

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The Bible is a reliable historical document


The Bible is a reliable historical document.I will be Pro, 5 rounds but the first is acceptance, 8,000 characters, 72 hours, and I do have a few requests for my opponent.Please limit your arguments to only one or two that you feel strongly about. Also, please no dropping or adding arguments throughout the debate.This is not a debate for the existence of God, the identity of Christ, or the inspiration of scripture. This is the question of are the Biblical scriptures reliable documents. Is what wa...

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Global Warming ExistsN/S
Gold StandardN/S
Gun RightsN/S
Internet CensorshipN/S
Iran-Iraq WarN/S
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Legalized ProstitutionCon
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Minimum WageN/S
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Racial ProfilingN/S
Smoking BanN/S
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Term LimitsN/S
United NationsN/S
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