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Activities:Working on cars Hiking Biking Fixing things I read reference books for fun I like debating science, politics, and religion.
Beliefs:Spiritually, I'm a born-again Christian, fairly conservative in doctrine. (FYI, conservative doctrine isn't always US political conservative policy) What happens to your soul is more important that what happens to your taxes. Because when you're dead, they can only tax the things you left behind. All people are created in God's image, so they have inherent value. All people want to reject God to get their own way. God is good. (I'll debate that) Politically, I'm pretty conservative. I believe people have rights given to them by God, so we have to research what God says to see what our rights really are. That's my logic (in part) for saying gays have rights, but there are no special Gay Rights. I've found people are far more complex and varied than their stereotype, so I generally go into meeting people with few assumptions. If you hate me, I am still willing to talk with you starting off.
Books:Much of Larry Niven's Known Space series.
Music:90's alternative rock/grunge Used to be a big Led Zepplin fan.

God is Inanimate (by default)


Religious Writings and evolved Dogma spend quite a bit of time on 'God Description'Take the Christian Trinity notion as an example of this.Words of a mysterious 1st Century man are supposed to clearly identify and underpin the Trinity notion. He tells the people(allegedly) that he will send the Holy Spirit after he has returned to his Father. He speaks directly to his Father, both on the Cross and at the River Jordon, before the John Baptism. We now sacrificially endow our young Christians with...

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Can Christians be considered as pagans/heathens?


This is about whether or not Christians worship Jesus AND God, making them heathens or pagans. Argument: There are three titled religions that all intersect at one point in holy scripture, which is the time of the first Patriarch, Abraham. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all line up with one another until this point. This is when the Quran, the Muslim's Bible, goes on with Hagar and Ishmael and splits from the two other religions. Then, once the Old Testament ends, Christianity goes on into...

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God was justified in exterminating the Amalekites.


Amalekites: An ancient tribe that occupied some of the Sinai peninsula and up into Canaan South of Gaza. (Approximately) God: Living God of the Bible. Justified: With good cause, appropriate measure. In line with moral and legal law. Extermination: Executed by King Saul as described in 1 Samuel chapter 15. For this debate, you don't have to believe the events occurred, but you must argue about the justification of the events, not the existence of the events. If you want to have t...

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required threshhold of faith required for Christians to be saved is not clear


the requirements are either too vague, or too listy/dogmatic.the bible says if you confess with your mouth jesus is lord, and beleive in your heart that he was raised from the dead you will be saved. it also say if you believe in the lord you will be saved. it also has all kinds of other statements.i'm sure if you do these, that is sufficient. but what about various other scenarios, like the content of 'sinner's prayers' that dont include those things?what or where exactly is...

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The character of God is consistant between the Old and New Testaments.


The purpose of this debate is to rebut the idea that the character of God described in the OT is far different than the God in the NT, whether it be a change in personality or person. I will be taking the position that the character of God did not change through the course of the Bible. Con must demonstrate that there are too many serious differences between the God of the Old and New Testaments for them to be of consistent character. Since pointing out all the consistencies in a 1000+ page b...

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