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About Me:I'm a college sophmore who can't decide what he's more interested in. There is virtually no topic that does not interest me, except sports talk radio, which I consider to be the defining minimum on an interest generating continuum. The only thing less interesting than sports talk is sleeping. I'm a devout Christian and a passionate conservative with libertarian leanings.
Activities:Hiking, Martial Arts, Volleyball
Beliefs:The basis of all my beliefs is the Bible. The only way to live a truly fulfilling life is to embrace the teaching of the Bible and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Unlike most Christians, I believe God is one, not three "persons" which comprise one "being". This, I think, is a logical contradiction which has survived only by ignoring vast portions of scripture. I believe the government should be as small as possible. It should only do whatever the private sector is incapable of doing, which, nowadays, is virtually nothing. It should not protect us from ourselves, only from others. It should build and maintain roads, maintain an army and encourage technological advancement for defense purposes, protect our borders, and preserve our culture. It should not provide housing, food, water, or any other necessities, let alone health care. "Social programs" should be purely private, funded and administrated by those of us who TRULY care about the welfare of our fellow man.
Quotes:"Wouldn't it be strange if a universe without purpose accidentally created man who is so obsessed with purpose?"

Evolution, the theory that all life is the result of purely undirected processes, is probably false.


Science is a methodological approach to understanding the properties and behaviors of the physical world. The scientific method relies on hypothesizing based on already known facts, making predictions based on this hypothesis, and testing the hypothesis via experimentation. The scientific "truth" is that scientific theory which best explains the phenomenon in question, where "best" is defined as "most adequate." Unfortunately, this can often be subjective. Nevertheless, when applicable cases ari...

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Religious books are the ONLY possible source of moral guidance


I'll start by defining the scope of this debate. We should only debate the possible sources of moral guidance, we should define a set of BASIC morals which we can use as a basis for the argument (and I'll leave that to my opponent), here are the definitions: [DEFINITION: source] 1. any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained; origin: [DEFINITION: moral] 1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between ri...

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Gay marriages should be federally legalized in the United States.


I. I am gay. I was made a certain way and never had a choice. It was important for me to use many sources and ALL ARE SCIENTIFICALLY BASED. I know how easy it is to find a non-scientific biased site, but all of my sources are scientific. II. Homosexuality is natural. It is not a choice. Nobody would choose homosexuality if it was a choice. Homosexuality is a natural occurence in animals and in environments without contact from other societies. [http:// www. msnbc. msn. com/ id/15750604/...

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Cutting Diplomatic Ties Resolves Nothing: Unconditional diplomacy is best.


As Pro, I am going to argue that unconditional diplomacy and negotiations with opposing states are better policies than cutting diplomatic ties with them to talk only when a state meets certain conditions. As Con, you argue the opposite. Define 'opposing state' as a state - at peace - that presents an economic or security threat to America or an ally. Good luck! Unconditional diplomacy is much more likely to achieve favorable results whereas conditional diplomacy is not. Whe...

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The Trinity: A False Doctrine


As far as I'm concerned, the burden of proof is on my opponent to show why, for example, scriptures like Deuteronomy 6:4 ("Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord") should not be taken at face value. My opponent, I hope, will excuse any sarcasm or irreverence that I may fail to repress, as my family and I have had rather bad experiences revolving around the Trinity doctrine. Ours and several other families were forced to leave a homeschool group because we refused to sign a "confession of f...

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