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God's Existence


I would like to kick off this debate simply, with a very general subject: Do any gods exist, or perhaps does the particular god of my opponent exist? That part is up to them. Obviously, my position is that there isn't any/enough evidence to warrant believing in a god rationally. I'd be interested to see any evidence they believe they may have concerning any deit(y/ies). My apologies if the topic is a bit broad....

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I have initiated this argument... I believe it's been three times now. First time, they were playing devil's advocate. The other two times, they completely forfeited the debate. So I cannot stress enough these two conditions: 1) You must be an actual advocate against gay rights/homosexuality 2) You must be both punctual, and not in danger of being banned/quitting. For anyone who wishes to accept this debate, the first round will be me explaining my position, and you will be allowed a head-s...

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God Exists Only in the Minds of His Followers


Let me clarify my position, so as to make it clear for my opponent: My belief is that God, or more specifically the God of either the Bible, is a figment of imagination. I do not intend to argue against a, "metaphorical Bible" Christian. That is to say, saying that the Bible is a metaphorical story open to interpretation. I wish to debate with someone opposed to my own argument that the God of the Christian Bible does not exist, and that the Bible is an incredibly inaccurate historical docume...

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Homosexuality (Round 2)


I have already debated this topic once, and frankly got my (Expletive) handed to me, but my opponent said that they weren't actually against gay rights, and just wanted to give me a good debate. I respect that, but this time I'd prefer debating someone who actually holds a position at odds with my own. My position, then, is that (once again) homosexuality is fine, and people have no right to tell people who they can and can't love. My opponent will be arguing that it is wrong for homosexuals...

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Westboro Baptist Church should be shut down


I am here to argue that Westboro Baptist Church should be closed. For those of your who don't know, WBC is home to the infamous "God Hates F*gs," and "Thank God for IEDs" people. I feel they should be shut down on the basis that they are promoting an extreme degree of hatred, taking part in anti-semitic, anti-american, homophobic, and incredibly offensive behavior, like toting "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" signs at the funerals of our fallen heroes, shouting hateful...

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