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Quotes:"You cannot be both well education and sane and disbelieve in evolution. The evidence is so strong that any sane, education person has got to believe in evolution." - Richard Dawkins

"Suppose that every memory, written word, and piece of technology on earth was destroyed all at once, leaving humanity to start completely from scratch. Everything we have come to know would eventually be discovered again. Given a few thousand years, people would figure out chemistry, and rediscover all of the same elements that we know now. People would once again understand biology, including its evolutionary origins. People would eventually see the motions of other galaxies in the sky, and work out all the details of the big bang. This is the glorious part about science, it can and would all be replicated. I assure you, however, that your story about a talking snake would be gone forever."
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Newton-Conover Health/science, Class of 2018
Newton, North Carolina, United States

was osama hussain obama a good man?!?111


He was the 1st president of iraq. he was a good man now he is dead. He united iraqamerica, by doing 9/11. any arguments against my statement is a logical fallacy....

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Is there a Wage Gap based on discrimination of the genders in the United States of America?


Well I have to say, I'm just not convinced by the "evidence" for a wage gap based on discrimination. However, I'm open if my currently undecided opponent provides solid evidence that this gap exists. Remember, this is about Gender discrimination, not Racial. While I also would contest to racial discrimination existing, that's not particularity what I'm interested in debating....

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jesus is a zombie virus


emotion is the truth or false moon of belief.. the "knowledge" obtained through a false body.. sight of the blind even a blind man sees the possible fear=when a solid rock statue of a dragon breathes fire and claws at me=god of nightmares it is a false body by the sight of the movement of a solid rock figure Jesus=following the rules of christianity, unbound by truth of reality.....

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God Is Not Real


This is a debate about whether or not the Christian God exists. The first round is for acceptance and the definition of God. I would like if, in the first round, my opponent would provide a detailed definition of the Christian God. I ask this because there are many possible interpretations of the Bible. This definition will be the accepted, unchanging definition used in this debate....

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Transgender Bathrooms


People are constantly telling others to "be themselves" and "express yourself" but how is anyone expected to do so when there is so many others punching them down every time someone believes they truly are the opposite gender? It isn't a life crisis and it isn't just a phase. Dealing with sexuality and gender identification is a big process in people's lives. I have met several people in my life who have tried to be with the opposite gender and found themselves disgusted with their decision. The...

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