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About Me:Well, im not 18... just so into the debating thing lol I consider myself highly educated, speak my mind at all times, learn from others as for they learn from me... Im never to afraid to stand up for my rights in which they are "my rights"... I respect everybody but i do believe in the saying "You must give respect to earn it"... I did grow up around wrong people but i didn't let their wrong doings effect me and my life {{as u can see lol}} ~That's all i feel like writing 4 now lol~
Activities:Basketball, Dancing, Running, Tennis, Walking
Beliefs:I belive --->EDUCATION has nothing to do with RACE<--- ::...::
Quotes:Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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off shore drilling should be ban


Hey my name is Jake and i am going to a competition next week so can i get your help. i need pro points. but i will debate you. thanks. hi my name is Jake and i am on the con side of this debate. i think that offshore drilling is not ok since it it will not help us until ten years. and getting the equipment is going to take longer. so we are going to get effects starting on 2030. and these estimate are true if everything run perfectly and we all know that nothing is perfect. our craving for...

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Law Abiding American Citizens Should Have The Right To Bear Arms.


The title says it all, will you accept my challenge? Subject : The second Amendment First off i have a question, If you make it against the law to own guns of any type wouldn't it mean that you would disarm people who mean no harm? The bad guys will stay bad, which means they will get guns. But the people who obey the law will be defenseless. Also, it is unconstitutional to take away gun rights according to the 2nd Amendment. If you take away gun right then you have messed with the bill of...

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Do you think it was right that they banned "wearing your pants belong waist"...?


I don't believe it was right because ppl shoud have freedom of dressing.. Can't understand how they banned that and when a female wears overly exposing clothing, thats not a problem at all.. It shows how perverted this "earth" can be.... IDK i might sound crazy but its something i really dont understand up to this day...

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Education Has Nothing to do With Race..


Education and race are to different things. African Americans succeed, Whites succeed, Hispanics succed even though other education rates may be higher than others. Believing racial issues effecting education plays a big roll in kids today makes no sense because i as an african american am on the honor roll, get grades over 85%, and already got the opportunity to stay at a college dorm for a week {not trying to brag at all, just making a logical point} Now i understand that im only 1 person but...

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