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Ideology:Anarchist Education:High School
Party:Peace and Freedom Party Ethnicity:White
Relationship:Other Income:$25,000 to $35,000
Interested:in Men Occupation:Hospitality
Looking:Friendship, Dating, A Relationship, Networking Religion:Christian
About Me:I'm a christian, moral person who doesn't believe in just murdering babies. If I had to vote fora u.s. presidential candidate, It'd be Ron Paul. Call me a classical Liberal. I hate corporations and I hate governments And I hate the lies and the pomp and circumstance they use to rob and degrade us. I don't worry about a lot of finite, silly things and I speak my mind. I smoke, I'm still figuring out which brand.
Activities:everything i gotta do i like nature and books to stay live and outtasight. can u dig it ?
Beliefs:Abortion is wrong. Lil' wayne is the worst rapper ever.
Books:The good book, classical stuff , anything i get my grubby little hands on.
Movies:The animated beowulf, miracle on 34th street, foreign language films, wondeful ice cream suit, black and white, the last one I saw.
Music:rap, country exclusively. no, I like anything with that realness.
Quotes:Sermon on the mount ,
founding father quotes slamming private central banks and non-gold standard money.
Sports Teams:wtf rly ? How bout we box, right now ?
TV Shows:I like jeopardy, The simpsons, south park is funny oftentimes, some pbs stuff, oh, and snl. i don't watch t.v. . go outside .
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There should be no controls on private trade and use of small arms


I will be arguing that self-defense is a basic human right, and that government and other power structures have no place ordering everyone to limit use of guns in a free society. I would like to see no government-issued permits for concealed or open carry, and no state-imposed limit on private use of guns ( apart from criminal prosecution if you commit a crime with them. ) Governments should be subservient to their people, and people should be free to achieve their potential by their own means,...

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Gay marriages should be left alone.


Hello ! I am a christian and a social conservative. Be it resolved that it is a bad idea to interfere in people's private lives over marriage of any kind, traditional or " non-traditional ", and that government should stay out of these issues, neither legislating for or against gay marriage, you are arguing against this, you have 8,000 characters, go. remember: * Gay marriage should be left alone. * No constitutional amendment on anything. * happy hunting....

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Updated 11 Years Ago

Are ppl starting debates on here then logging back in to argue with themselves ? ( Yes. ) .


yo i think ppl are manning multiple accounts here. I don't know, some of this seems rigged....

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