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Post Unvoted Debates HerePosted 7 years Ago

Multiple unvoted debates.


Cosmetic surgery:

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"The Bible says nothing..."Posted 7 years Ago

This shouldn't be allowed in schools, especially when children are involved.

I am atheist and would find this funny, but some people would find this incredibly insulting. Depending on the age of the students, this could also be very unfair and result in a Christian pupil being marked down or even ridiculed by peers/the teacher.
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The Atheistic Logical FallacyPosted 7 years Ago

At 2/19/2014 4:27:34 PM, Installgentoo wrote:
At 2/19/2014 4:24:49 PM, Sswdwm wrote:
At 2/19/2014 3:59:31 PM, Installgentoo wrote:
At 2/19/2014 3:45:16 PM, Sswdwm wrote:
At 2/18/2014 8:40:35 AM, Installgentoo wrote:
A lot of atheists here claim that without evidence, people should not believe there is a God or divine reality.

However they are also making a claim here and so they also have a burden of proof. For example, if I say "earthworms do not a primitive form of consciousness", I have a burden of proof. If you deny something does not exist without anything backing up your claim, then you shoulder an impossible to shift burden of proof.

I have a condom in orbit around Jupiter. Disprove that or else I have good reason to believe it's there.

That's not a very good analogy considering millions of reliable witnesses (philosophers, etc) claim to have seen God. If millions of people had seen the condom orbiting Jupiter, then maybe you would have a point, mate.

By the way, there are thousands of reliable people you could speak to today who will claim they have been abducted by aliens. Even entire groups of people will make this claim, all with correlating stories too. Do you believe them?

No, because almost all of them are drunks or in some sort of cult.

But when you have millions of sightings of God by ordinary non-intoxicated people then the claim becomes more plausible.

Do you not see the irony that you yourself are in a 'cult'. Also, many religious 'sightings' throughout history were performed under psychedelic drugs. The comparisons between alien and religious sightings are uncanny.
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Question for pro-life peoplePosted 7 years Ago

There are some extraordinary claims being made in this thread!

Life does not begin at fertilization; if you believe this, you are thinking with a spiritual mind instead of a scientific one. I'm not going to argue religion -- that's a whole different debate. Respectable scientists will confirm that brain cells are no where near developed, yet alone begun to develop, straight after fertilization.

A zygote is essentially nothing more than a sperm and an egg. Millions of sperm are discarded by a single man every week; and a women discards of an egg each month. Combining the two does not suddenly give rise to consciousness.

Early abortion is as mundane as menstruation and male masturbation.

When the pregnancy advances over time, and the zygote develops into into a larger embryo with the capacity to feel, abortion becomes murder -- but ONLY when the embryo has a nervous system developing.
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The Atheistic Logical FallacyPosted 7 years Ago

An atheist's evidence IS the lack of evidence.

For example, if I claimed that I had been to Jupiter, any logical person would want to see some evidence. You'd soon find that there isn't a single ounce of it, and without supporting evidence, one can safely say (with a reasonable degree of certainty) that I have never been to Jupiter in my life.

There is always the benefit of the doubt, which is why religion has lasted as long as it has, but there is nothing to objectively confirm the presence of a higher being. One can therefore say (with reasonable certainty) that there is no God.

Extraordinary claims DO need extraordinary evidence. The person making the claim needs the evidence; the person sceptical of the claim only needs to lack of evidence to disprove it. Saying something exists is not the same as saying it doesn't.
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