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About Me:I exist. I suck at debates, but feel free to challenge me to one. My spirit animal is a pretty pony. Also, you see how it says "28 year old" up there? I wasn't aware that this site accepted children, and I'm actually 13.
Activities:I like video games quite a bit, and I'm not too bad at them. Same goes for competitive swimming.
Beliefs:I'm not sure what beliefs they mean, so I'll just say nothing.
Books:Looking for Alaska. Super top-notch book, just fantastic, I can't express it enough. If you like realistic fictions, you are a terrible person for having not read it.
Movies:I'm a fan of Gravity, even though most others hate it. I'm not much of a movie person, but I really like superhero type stuff with lots of action.
Music:Green Day, Anamanaguchi, Ray Hargreaves, and Starbomb.
Quotes:"To create a home-made apple pie, one must first create the universe."
"Poets have been suspiciously quiet on the subject of cheese."'
Sports Teams:My favorite sports ball team is the green bay Giants
TV Shows:Big Bang Theory, Arrow, and that's pretty much it.
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Hell would be a better fate than Heaven


This is my first debate, so I might suck. Just a warning. So, I am an Atheist, and many times people have told me that "You'll regret it when God comes and leaves you for the Devil", or "Bet you'll wish you believed when you go to Hell.", and you probably get the gist. I want to say that In my opinion, Hell would be a much better fate than Heaven. 1st round: Acceptance 2nd round: Arguments 3rd round: Rebuttals 4th round: More potential rebuttals, and closing words....

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