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God and Free Will are incompatible


I will be arguing that religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity are wrong at their very core because their view of an omniscient God is incompatible with their firm belief in free will. Claim: Omniscient God is incompatible with Free Will. Any questions can be answered in the comments. I would prefer that my opponent had a relatively high Elo and has experience. My opponent can feel free to make some introductory statements or arguments in the first Round....

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Should Suicide be Criticized


Suicide is something very odd. It's about taking away one's life away by oneself. Someone is dead but no one is blamed for the death(unless another person made him/her to do so). In history, it was even a way to prove your innocence or to show your loyalty. But nowadays, as you can see in the phrase "COMMIT a suicide", it is considered a crime, something to be condemned. I also agree that it is not something good to do, but does that mean that committing a suicide should be criticized BY OTHERS?...

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Can it be proven via evidence that a Divine creator exists?


Hello everyone who has clicked on this link! I am a skeptic-atheist and I would like to begin the dialogue on whether or not a Creator or Creators can be proven via evidence to exist, anyone, be them skeptic, atheist, theist, or agnostic, as well as any other manner of outlook on the manner are welcome. For the first round, please state your acceptance and your first argument on the matter, I ask that no insults are thrown as far as outlooks on theism are concerned, only arguments will be acc...

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Rap Battle 2


Rap battle 2. Go....

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God Debate Switch-a-roo 2


Con-- Me, I am christian and will argue that god DOESN'T exist. Pro-- You, you must be atheist and will argue that god DOES exist. The purpose is that after I calmed my christian bloodlust against atheism in my first month here i got bored of the god debates that take up about one-fifth to one-seventh of our beloved site. So i want to spice it up a bit. And the christian god as described in the bible (for standard lets use the KJV) is the god we are arguing about existing. I have a...

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