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President:Barack Obama (Democratic Party) Email:- Private -
Ideology:Undecided Education:High School
Party:Democratic Party Ethnicity:White
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Looking:Friendship Religion:Christian - Greek Orthodox
About Me:1 word to describe myself= SAVAGE Hello everyone my name is Carlos and guess what, I'm 12! Yes I know that for this site you have to be 14 but I got my parents permission so.....yeah. I also live in Canada so....yeah this site doesnt support that lol. I'm a boy and I LOVE talking about the future and technology. When I am older I want to be a IT or a Lawyer. So this site helps me to accieve my dream. I hope that I will win lots of debates in the future and I wish you guys the best of luck too!
Activities:I like reading,playing video games,coding,swimming,hockey and I HATE SCHOOL. (Everyone does lol) I also get on to this site a lot to start and vote debates. I watch A LOT of youtube too.
Beliefs:I believe in GOD and I can't think of other things I believe in.
Books:Harry Potter,The Unwanteds and 39 Clues series
Movies:Harry Potter,Fury,A Christmas vacation are my favourite. But I like any movies involving guns,comedy and the future.
Music:I like pop and music with a sick drop!
Quotes:If we will ever have World War 3, World war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones - Albert Einstein
Sports Teams:Any. I rarely watch sports...
TV Shows:Family Feud,Little Big Shots and The Ellen Show.
5 Debates

PC or MAC?


Hello everyone to a new debate, this week or so I and my opponent will be arguing about if a PC or a Mac is better. When I mean a PC I mean any computer that does not have OS on it and by Mac I mean a computer running OS. I am on the PC side and my opponent will be on the Mac side. Here is how the rounds are going to be. 1) Acceptance 2) Present points 3) Rebuttal 4) End paragraph Accept this debate only if your very serious and you have some good points/rebuttals against me. I wish all the...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Assisted suicide should be legalized


This should be a hard debate to accept. Only accept this debate if you are really committed it. 1st round is Acceptance 2nd round is opening statement 3rd round is comebacks 4th round is saying thank you and letting people vote on the winner...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Would you rather have only a PC or only a PS4 for gaming?


Hello everyone on debate today is if people around the world should have a PC or a PS4. I (TheKingDebater) will be talking about the PC and my opponent wil be talking about the PS4. We both with our devices will try to convince you that which one would be more helpful in general and in our everyday life. The first round is only for acceptance and introduction and the next 3 rounds will be us presenting our points, rebuttals and finishing off with an ending round. I hope that my op...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Should we have a worldwide purge?


Hello everyone looking at this debate! My name is Carlos aka (TheKingDebater) and today the opponent and I will be talking about if there should ever be a worldwide purge.This purge shall take the whole night so, about 12 hours. I (TheKingDebater) am talking against the motion as my opponent is talking for the motion. For the next couple of rounds I will be describing my points,rebuttals to my opponent's points and finally, finish off with an ending paragraph. I look forward to this debate and I...

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Should McDonalds be banned?


Hello everyone on, for this Debate we will be talking about if McDonalds should be banned or not. I (TheKingDebater) am the con who will be talking against the motion and the opponent will be talking for the motion. For the next 3 rounds, I will be talking about my main points against this topic,a rebuttal against my opponent and end I will include a finishing statement. The first round is only for the opening argument so please don't start with your main points. I am looking forward...

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Drug LegalizationCon
Electoral CollegeUnd
Environmental ProtectionN/S
Estate TaxN/S
European UnionN/S
Federal ReserveN/S
Flat TaxN/S
Free TradeN/S
Gay MarriageN/S
Global Warming ExistsN/S
Gold StandardN/S
Gun RightsN/S
Internet CensorshipN/S
Iran-Iraq WarN/S
Labor UnionN/S
Legalized ProstitutionN/S
Medicaid & MedicareN/S
Medical MarijuanaN/S
Military InterventionN/S
Minimum Wage
National Health CareN/S
National Retail Sales TaxN/S
Occupy MovementN/S
Progressive TaxN/S
Racial ProfilingN/S
Smoking BanN/S
Social ProgramsN/S
Social SecurityN/S
Stimulus SpendingN/S
Term LimitsN/S
United NationsN/S
War in AfghanistanN/S
War on TerrorN/S

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