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Resolved: Affirmative action should be practiced in college admissions.


To my esteemed NOK_Domination, I would like to wish you luck in this round and hope this will be a good debate round. I would like to thank the judges, and I hope to be a good opponent. With that I shall begin. Affirmative action should be practiced in college admissions. But to better understand why, we must first understand what affirmative action actually is. Affirmative action is a policy or policies of governments and other institutions that are designed to actively promote and advance...

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In the United States, misdemeanor jail time ought to be replaced with significant rehabilitation


To my esteemed BNesiba, Hello and good luck. I would like to thank my judges, specifically Burningpuppies101 and LakevilleNorthJT. I hope this to be a good debate and wish my opponent the best of luck. With that, I shall begin. Because this is a value debate, I shall begin by stating the value and criteria that I believe this debate should be weighed upon. The value of this debate should be an individual's right to success. And the criteria should be an individual's quality of life. This mea...

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the 700B$ bailout is a good/bad idea.


I am not arguing for or against it at this point, but am leaving it up to my opponent to decide. This means that I will not be arguing this first round, so my opponent doesn't have to as well. But if he/she would like to speak first, then that would be fine with me....

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Res: It is morally permissible to kill one innocent person to save the lives of more innocent people


In affirming the resolution, the affirmative and the judge will rationalize the death of an individual or individuals in the name of the "greater good." With the idea that death protects us and is morally permissible for our survival, government leaders or other leaders, will be able to use this resolution as a smoke screen to justify any of their actions that lead to death. Value: Morality Criterion: Keeping power over our own lives so that we do not have to be at the will of a higher in...

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Plethora Version 4


I will provide a list of topics, choose one, you're CON, I'm PRO. Then in R2 I go and post. Note, I am playing Devil's advocate in some places. 1. Most nonhuman Animal's do not deserve rights. 2. Utilitarianism is superior to Kantianism. 3. Sarah Palin is not as incompetent as she is made out to be. 4. Cannibalism of dead people should be socially acceptable, if not encouraged. 5. Agriculture was a mistake. 6. Anarchy could feasibly work. 7. Functionalism is a flawed theory of mind. 8....

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