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The FCC is harmful and unnecessary


The FCC is not just about content control. The FCC is important because it oversees various corporations. This is no longer the age of laissez faire. The FCC isn't just around to regulate content. The Federal Regulators of the FCC enforce anti monopoly laws to make sure that we don't end up with media barons like William Randolph Hearst who owned over 40 percent of the media in the nation. They see if it is in the public interest to allow men like Sam Zell and Rupert Murdoch to own multiple n...

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Does kucinich really have extremly large ears?


Before I begin I want to make it clear that I like Kucinich and that this debate is purely about his ears. The following picture is of Dennis kucinich: The following image is of Dr. Spock: I rest my case....

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Thee FCC Violates the 1st Amendment


The FCC is, not only unnecessary, but harmful to America. First of all, it disregards the 1st Amendment, my favorite of all the amendments. I think that people have a right to write, film, or play music about anything they want, with out interference from people like the FCC (I'm not saying that it's ok to show porn during prime time television). I'm just against the idea of a government agency controlling the media. Is it really necessary to bleep out things like the "Dick in a Box" sketch from...

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The death penalty is archaic and should be abolished.


The death penalty is archaic and immoral. We are no longer living in the dark ages and as such our society should be at a point where we don't punish death with more death. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Not only is the death penalty crude and barbaric but statistically speaking it does not even deter crime. States with no death penalty actually have lower murder rates than states with the death penalty. Some people are bad, there is no getting around that. However, it is...

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Sherlock Holmes is a far more superior detective than Nancy Drew.


In my mind Sherlock Holmes is a far more superior detective than Nancy Drew. Sherlock Holmes has incredible powers of deduction perhaps only rivaled by Dupin (a character of Edgar Allen Poe's). Holmes is a master chemist and he applies that science to all of his cases whether it be identifying the differences between various types of tobacco or identifying where in London a patch of dirt came from. Holmes is an accomplished fencer, boxer (if memory serves me correctly), and has great taste in ha...

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