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Beliefs:I subscribe to a wide variety of ontological and sociological worldviews. On the latter front, I would describe myself as, among other things, liberal, feminist, and capitalist. Ontologically, I consider myself atheist, materialist, and a scientific realist.
Quotes:The real conquests, the ones that leave no regrets, are those wrested from ignorance.

Barack Obama will win more delegates than Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday (tomorrow).


I predict that Barack Obama will gain more pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton in tomorrow's big nationwide vote. I believe this for several good reasons: 1. All the latest national polls reveal strong trends towards Obama. The same is true of polling done in states that will be voting tomorrow. 2. Obama has spent more money than Hillary on advertising and has a much stronger ground game in many of these states. Turnout, turnout, turnout.... 3. Strong African-American support will h...

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Updated 13 Years Ago

Barack Obama will win the South Carolina primary tomorrow on the Democratic side.


I predict that Barack Obama will win the South Carolina primary this Saturday, January 26, for a number of reasons: - Nearly all recent polls show him with superb, double-digit leads over his nearest rival, Hillary Clinton. It is very unlikely that either Hillary or Edwards will muster enough support by tomorrow to turn this race around. - As even other campaigns in the state acknowledge, Obama has the best organization. This will prove crucial in turning out the vote and gives Obama a di...

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Updated 13 Years Ago

Barack Obama will win the Nevada caucuses tomorrow on the Democratic side.


The Nevada caucuses start approximately 15 hours from now. I have several good reasons for thinking and predicting that Barack Obama will carry the day on the Democratic side. 1. He has the support of the most powerful union in the state, the Culinary Workers. They will mobilize caucus-goers far more effectively than other organizations backing Hillary or Edwards. In a political environment like Nevada, where turnout is expected to be relatively mild - especially compared to Iowa - activism...

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Updated 13 Years Ago

Barack Obama will win the Iowa caucuses later today on the Democratic side.


Although I support Hillary, I actually think Obama will win the caucuses in Iowa, which start roughly 14 hours from now. I waited until now to make this prediction because it has been a very close race, but I think the latest indications are enough to predict a triumph for Obama. My best piece of evidence is the latest Des Moines Register poll, which has Obama leading 32 to 25 (Clinton) and 24 (Edwards). The Register poll strikes an air of respectability and historical accuracy, having corre...

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Updated 13 Years Ago

evolution is not true!!


Evolutionists theory of how we were created, or evolved is than millions or even billions of years of go. dinosaurs ruled the earth. and one day a meteor crashed into the earth. destroying all dinosaurs, and living plan and animals. the meteors impact crated heat and fire, etc... which put pressure and force ipon a rock and somehow forem a living cell. which evolved into a larger cell, and finally into human, Millions of years later!!! now this might not be your view at it but lets talk. this th...

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