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Is public school better than Private school?


In private school student are more serious and ready for any teaching....

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does television have anegative influences in society ?


Television is educational and avital part of keeping us with today's world ,most people are saying that it's a negative influences especially on youth , but iam saying that it's according to the user , if we are using it correctly so we are gainning positive impacts and results , but if we are using it badly , so sure we are gainning negative impacts , for me , i use it to know openions and thinking of other people , yes i benefit , all of us not only me should use it correctly to avoid negative...

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Updated 9 Years Ago

DC Comics: At their prime, Batman is a better vigilante than Green Arrow PART II


Once again I apologize for the forfeit of the last two rounds of the first part of this debate. My opponent has been kind enough to let the fun continue with a Part two debate that simply will begin where the last one left off.The first part of this debate can be found hear and if your going to vote on this one you must first read this debate all the way through (of course set aside the forfeit rules for your votes on this Part two debate unless I forfeit in Part two)

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DC Comics: At their prime, Batman is a better vigilante than Green Arrow.


Rules: 1. No trolling at all. Any trolling by a debater will cause the opponent to gain the conduct point. 2. No usage of semantics. Any usage of semantics will cause the opponent to gain the conduct point. 3. Must follow the debate order. Any failure to follow the debate order will result in the loss of the entire debate. You can use any DC Comics source including television shows, movies, books, comics, etc. The 1st round is only acceptance without any definitions or that kind. The 2nd...

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Updated 9 Years Ago

Is the New Iphone 5 really revolutionary


So about a week ago, Apple released a new Iphone, known as the Iphone 5. Apple has always been known for releasing revolutionary products, however i would argue that that they havent lived up to their reputation with this new installment of the Iphone. The only adjustments which they have made include the changing of the software, which available for Iphone 4S, and also the addition of A6 chip, which isn't all that special. This is the only mildly decent addition. Other than these two changes, t...

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The Crucial $25 Million DDO Stock Market
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