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About Me:I'm here to debate from a white nationalist/separatist perspective. Do not confuse that with supremacism. How could whites reign over nonwhites if we lived in seperate countries? We couldn't, and I don't want to. I just feel that white countries and only white countries are being forced to become more diverse. Since diversity equates to less whites, this diversity agenda will deny white people a homeland. That is wrong. Nobody has a problem when I say that it's wrong to do that to Tibet and Palestine, but they go crazy if I say it about white areas. Just another anti-white double-standard.
Activities:I debate on a variety of sites from libertarian, conservative, and nationalist perspectives. I play and watch sports. I'm a high school student.
Beliefs:I do not believe in any god, and I won't until someone presents me with proof.
Quotes:"You know you're getting close to the truth when someone is calling you a racist."-Greg Gutfeld
Sports Teams:New England Patriots football, Wisconsin basketball, Germany soccer (futbol), etc. because they show the world that whites can dominate sports at the highest level.
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