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Music:All music except Justin Bieber and 1d.
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Evolution is a lie.


Evolution is a lie. Consider the fact that evolution was never heard of till darwin was born and before that and for years and years till the Enlgihtment when darwin was born creationism was consider a fact. Since the evolutionary agruement was that evolution is a fact that the idea of a creator is fairy tale is offen used. I will start round one in backlashing that evolutionary arguement. Since darwin created evolution ( evolution was never heard of before darwin arived. Hmm. Darwin was a man....

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Is Twitter worthless?


Twitter is worthless. You have a little box that you can type in a max of 130 characters. I like to make long posts i am only able to post a few sentences per tweet. That annoys me. The only reason i use twitter is cause my girlfriend got me using it to talk to her. Twitter sucks. Half the time i can not even get it to work....

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