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About Me:Student of anthropology and history. I believe in applying the scientific perspective to everything--that opinions and policies should be corrected when better evidence is found and should constantly evolve. I happily entertain the thought I might be wrong on any given issue, and only happier to change my opinions when I'm thoroughly convinced. I am a moral nihilist (I *think*--rather sketchy on the terminilogy), finding no reason to believe in objective morals but rather that basic empathy and certain delusions are a result of evolution, and that my views of what is "morally good" depends on what gives me and others the greatest peace of mind. I often do a poor job of explaining myself and hope debate, which I am new to formally, improves this for me. I adore learning and despite my very poor memory this has lead to an interest in journalism, science, history, psychology, etc.
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Tobacco smoking should be banned to a necessary extent


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate. It's the one topic that we aren't listed as agreeing on in our ‘Big Issues', so we thought it would be fun to debate this topic and see if we could My resolution needs a little explaining. I believe tobacco smoking should be banned to whatever extent is necessary. This would not include a person smoking in the privacy of their own home and not in the presence of children or anyone not wishing to be exposed to the smoke. Simply put, the ban I pro...

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It is reasonable to accept the theory of evolution


Thank you for accepting this debate. If you accept this debate, you agree to the rules and formats of the debate. Breaking the rules and formats of the debate is considered forfeiture. This is in response to my opponent challenging's atheists. I carry most of the burden of proof, however, my opponent must defend his position that evolution is untrue. Rules: 1. No insults or ad hominem. 2. The scientific position that no thing can be proved 100% and can only be shown to be clo...

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Atheists do not have an excuse for preaching atheism


"RoyLatham: Atheism, The one thing more obnoxious than a religious person preaching is an atheist preaching. The religious people have an excuse; they think they are saving souls. Atheists have no excuse." I would like to challenge RoyLatham on the statement that atheists have no excuse for preaching atheism. The burden of proof is on myself, I must show that atheists have an excuse for preaching atheism. First, some clarifications and rules set forward. I would like to avoid semantics, ex...

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Marriage isn't a civil right


I will be arguing that, with an anthropological perspective on marriage, marriage is a civil right. This debate will focus on American law. I have the most burden of proof, and must argue my case, however my opponent must also argue theirs. The first round will be used to agree and to put forward any needed definitions or clarifications. The second and third round will be used to debate. Civil rights are defined as: "Civil rights are the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment (an...

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senor citizens are liability or an asset....


I want your all important thoughts on this topic regarding the senior citizens of any country.....

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