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Quotes:"There is another form of temptation even more fraught with danger, this is the disease of curiosity. It is this which drives us to try and discover the secrets of nature, those secrets which are beyond our understanding, which can avail us nothing and which man should not wish to learn."
-Saint Augustine

Free Will Exists.


My goal is to convert R_R to the dark side, Muh ha ha. I could careless about actually winning this debate. R_R I know your deep emotional attachment to arguing semantics, plz refrain from this if you can. Lets play with some logical reasoning shall we? I am against the resolution that free will exists. Definitions: 'Free Will' refers to the ability of an individual to govern her/his own actions. It should be distinguished from 'freedom'. An individual exercising freedom has th...

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If Jesus were born today he would be an atheist (don't vote w/o reading plz!)


This is obviously the type of debate that sends a dagger through the heart of every serious Christian. Still I ask anyone voting to hold back their biases and read the debate thoroughly. The debate will obviously be nothing more than speculation on both sides. Lets clarify the parameters of the debate: "Jesus" refers to Jesus of Nazareth. The man worshiped by the Christian religion. This debate has the potential to get sidetracked into a debate over the nuances of what Jesus actually was....

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Spore (the game) might just change the world!


I am claiming that once this video game > < Spore, is released might just change the world forever. "World" meaning humanity in general, not the physical earth. All of you semantic debaters out there, who want to say, "of coarse it will change the world b/c after its released it will exist, hence the world is changed." you know thats not the point i'm getting at. I'm saying that this video game has a good chance of really changing the way people look at the universe...

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The Velvet Underground Are Simultaneously The Most Underrated and Overrated Band of All Time.


The Velvet Underground Are absolutely one of my favorite bands. I think they are unbelievably brilliant. Yet many don't think so. And many others think they are so great that all others pale in comparison. They are amazing but there are many other amazing bands as well. I do feel that their first album is overall the best album i've heard. (i've heard alot of albums) To be clear my resolution is that they are the band who is simultaneously most overrated and underrated. Not that they are bo...

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In Favor of The End of Faith.


I am in favor of putting an end to the act of believing something is true without using the best evidence/reasoning available. The following speech is by sam harris I ask my opponent (and anyone voting) to listen to this speech (((thoroughly)))! It's 1 hour and 20 mins long... so my opponent should have the time to spend doing this. I will argue in defense of any proposition put forth by this speech so long as it...

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