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Debate.org is the premier online community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online and read the opinions of others. To encourage discussion we have built our website around these core features:


Challenge members to one-on-one debates on specific topics, with several rounds to make your case. The side with the most votes from the community wins the debate.


Pose a question to the community and allow members to pick a side and provide their opinion. Members can chime in and reply to each other's arguments and attempt to sway those on the opposing side.


Start an open format discussion with the community on any topic. Subscribe to posts, and keep the conversation going when there is more to say.


Make friends from around the world based on the issues that matter to you most. See where members stand on the Big Issues, and create new relationships through passionate debate.

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Company History

Debate.org was founded by Phillip & Crystal Ferreira in the summer of 2007 out of a special passion for politics and debate. The premise of the website was to enable a person of any creed, nationality, gender, or sexuality to have a platform to voice their opinions and to share ideas on any topic they choose. Open dialogue and honest debate are how great ideas are created, how democracies are developed and thrive, and how Debate.org came to life. Debate.org was acquired by Juggle, LLC in the winter of 2010. Juggle creates websites heavily focused on engaging users with quality content, organized information and useful features. Learn more about Juggle here.


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