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Montu vs Sheikra which is better? (Mpntu-Pro Sheikra-Con)


My position is that Montu is a much better ride than Sheikra at Busch Gardens(in Tampa not sure if there is another Busch Garden but just in case). As you can see, the Montu is superior because it has a lot more inversions. There are corkscrews, loops, etc. The only exciting thing about Sheikra is the 90 degree drop....

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Floyd Mayweather Jr would beat Manny Pacquiao in a boxing match


This is assuming they both fight at welterweight Floyd Mayweather is a superior boxer. His speed is remarkable His defense is the best and he is undefeated Manny Pacquiao is only the pound for pound best boxer because Floyd retired. Manny gets hit way too easily, he relies too much on brawling. Manny has lost before, and has had controversial bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez There is proof that Manny can be beaten, there is no proof that Mayweather can be beaten at the pro level....

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The current zoo system should be abolished.


The current zoo system isn't decent for animals. I've visited plenty of zoo's and each time I saw many things that could be considered inconsiderate towards the animals. often exhibits are created without consideration of the well-being of the animals and made for our entertainment....

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Schools should ban animal dissection


At first, I do admit, I freaked out when it came to dissections. I thought I would throw up or faint or something. But, I found out that I was overreacting. The experience turned out to be fun and it taught me a lot too. So, the idea of banning dissections seems incredulous due to the fact that most of the school population excels through kinesthetic means[1]. Kinesthetic learners are most successful when totally engaged with the learning activity.[1] So, if you take away dissections, you are...

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Smoking Cigarretes Should Be Illegal.


My argument today is whether smoking should be illegalized, which it should not. Smoking should stay legal for several reasons. Health Most people think smoking is bad for your health, but many people don't know that smoking can have positive effects on your health too. Firstly, let's talk about second hand smoke. 2nd hand smoke is one of the main reasons people think cigarettes should be illegal. Well, 2nd hand smoke can only kill you if you are constantly exposed to it. So, if yo...

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