Sexual Assault is NEVER funny!Posted 4 years Ago

At 6/23/2016 7:50:57 PM, Foodiesoul wrote:

This woman grabbed 100 men's balls and while many of the men looked happy, there were also several men who took a step back, quickly turned away from her, pushed her away, and ran away because grabbing a man's balls without his consent is sexual assault, which is NEVER okay!

The sad part is if a man grabbed 100 women's vaginas, then he would probably be arrested immediately or even screamed at. This woman is not even punished for grabbing 100 men's balls! Instead, the comments section is full of disgusting and perverted comments!

dasMasturbieren: I'd like for her to squeeze my balls until it put me on the ground. The pain would be just enough to make my dick hard then I'd jerk off.

simon may: I wish she grabbed my ball's

ncookie: I get hard watching this!

Why is this woman not even arrested by the police?! What she did was very wrong and she even sexually assaulted a few men! Double standards NEED to stop!

I do not wish sexual assault upon everybody! If you go out in a public and you see a stranger whose balls/penis/butt you want to grab or whose breasts/vagina/butt you want to grab, ASK the person for their CONSENT or even better, imagine in your head that you're grabbing their private parts or watch porn instead!

Why do people sexually assault or sexually harass people when they KNOW that it's wrong to do so?!

ANYONE, regardless of what gender they are, should be punished for sexually assaulting or sexually harassing people without their consent!

Also, please know that women can get sexually harassed/sexually assaulted by other women and men can get sexually harassed/sexually assaulted by women!

Violence knows no one!

As sad and true as this is, the facts are that men on the whole have created this stereotypical view, and often can actually encourage women to 'commit' these acts because some men, not all may I emphasise, actually actively enjoy women being what might be described as 'promiscuous'. The entire generation needs to be shook of these old fashioned views, and encourage men to lose their egos and appreciate that there should be equality and there should not be these double standardised loopholes in society. I agree with what you're saying - but men on the whole, sadly, probably do encourage this behaviour - as your quotes also suggest.
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