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Sex with animals is ethically permissible


First I would like to thank ANDYH for accepting this debate topic. I would like to additionally offer to all interested that I would be glad to debate this topic with other people. Finally, I would like to encourage ANDYH to collaborate with others n the assembly of his arguments, as per rule 8 below.The topic of bestiality and zoophilia are questionable and oft sticky topics (pun intended), which generally produce a visceral reaction in the course of their discussion. Historically, sex with ani...

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This house believes that christmas was killed by consumerism.


The definitions I propose are:Christmas: A celebration that most Christians and some people of other beliefs celebrateevery year on December 25th every year. Originally meant to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.Killed: Changed in a negative way.Consumerism: The advertising, purchase, and giving of gifts on Christmas day.The first round is acceptance only. Good luck!...

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British Waterways should derestrict stretches of water where high speeds cause minimal disruption


Picture, if you will, the scene. It is warm and sunny evening in late spring and the riverside setting in rural southern England is one of peace and tranquillity: the only sounds are the gentle lapping of the water, the reeds rustling in the soft breeze and the distant call of a barn owl from the woods beyond the water meadows. Here an elderly couple stroll leisurely along the bank of the meandering river, wistfully admiring the surrounding fauna and flora and drinking in the mellow, soporifi...

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The individual should not have the right to possess a firearm.


Structure: Round 1: Accepting the debate/clarifying any points. Round 2: Opening argument (no rebuttals) Round 3: Responding and Questioning Round 4: Responding and summary. By the 'right to possess a firearm' I am specifically referring to the right to bear arms in a private sphere as provided by the second amendment in the USA. My arguments against this 'right' will deal with both specifically the USA as well as a more general take on the problems posed by private ownership of weapon...

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It is unreasonable to believe in atheism.


This will be my first debate here, and I look forward to many others in the future. In this Debate I will be arguing that a perfectly reasonable man would not be an atheist. There are three main reasons why. 1) To believe in atheism, one must believe in evolution. Evolution is a theory which has a severe lack of evidence. The chances that evolution are true are very small, thus a reasonable man would not believe it. 2) To believe in atheism, one must believe that all matter, life and en...

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