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The subject of morality is subjective to society


I would Like to challenge you to a debate, on an idea which I find most indefinitely profound. In debates, arguments, or attempts at provng points, I have found that most people like to bring up the concept of morality to back up the argument they are proposing. This debate will be directed toward the issue of whether or not we can accurately say that something is moral, or whether morality is deemed by an individual or society. So I would like to start off this round by thanking my oppo...

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Is Intelligent Design a Rational or Irrational belief (Part3)


My last debate on this subject my opponent didn't turn up for the last few rounds, so I will put the same argument up again and let some one else take a shot at it. NOTE if you have a problem with definitions or rules or anything, please post in the comment section first, to see whether we can both agree to amended rules or descriptions before starting. I will be the PRO, which means I claim that intelligent design is a rational belief. My opponent will be the CON, so will be arguing th...

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The Christian God's existence is as unlikely as Zeus or Thor


My argument is that the God of Judaism and Christianity (Yahweh or Elohim) is as unlikely (or as likely) as any of the commonly accepted mythological gods of antiquity, such as Zeus or Thor or Odin. I am NOT arguing against the existence of a historical Jesus of Nazareth, however. I AM arguing about the God of the Jews, described in the Old and New testament and the "Father" or perhaps "Holy spirit" aspect of the divinity in Christianity. I contend that there is zero scientific or historical...

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We should abolish the crime of treason in Canada


Hello everyone and as there has been some controversy over the crime of treason, I have chosen this side to reaffirm the stance that the law against the crime of treason is not only good, but is also necessary for every nation to thrive, especially Canada. I base my case on the premise that the government, as an authority, needs to ensure that their power is sound and that national security is recognized as a uniquely important crime. I define the crime of treason right out of the code: Section...

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Should atheism be considered a religion?


I see it all the time, people capitalizing atheism in a religious context, atheist books in the religion section of a library or bookstore. I don't understand why people keep grouping atheism with religion is these ways and many more. Religion is defined as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code govern...

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