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Quotes:"Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings. Homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, and illiteracy are only a few of the problems that disappear from public view when the human beings contending with them are relegated to cages." --Angela Davis

"Can the hungry go on a hunger strike? Non-violence is a piece of theater. You need an audience. What can you do when you have no audience? People have the right to resist annihilation." --Arundhati Roy

"I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence." --Eugene Debs

"I think that has to do with my awareness that in a sense we all have a certain measure of responsibility to those who have made it possible for us to take advantage of the opportunities." --A. Davis

Is Omnipotence Limited?


Round 1: First Argument and/or RebuttalRound 2: RebuttalRound 3: Conclusion----------------------------------By accepting thing debate, you must go by this definition of Omnipotent: "having unlimited power; able to do anything.". One example I will use is this, "for with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27).My position is that this definition of omnipotence means God can do literally anything: Examples of this being - A married bachelor, seeing without eyes.Since God has completely unlimit...

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Feminism: Equality of the Sexes


There seem to be many people who would like to argue against feminism. The definition of feminism is believing men and women are equal SOCIALLY, ECONOMICALLY, and POLITICALLY. Physically they are DIFFERENT- that is not the point of feminism. Feminism advocates for women's rights and the respect of women. Answer me this: Is feminism a positive movement for women GLOBALLY, or a negative movement that "belittles" and "threatens" men?...

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I believe that abortion is wrong in all circumstances, and that it should be outlawed in all states. I think that abortion is never the best solution for an unwanted pregnancy. Adoption is always an option if the fetus is allowed to grow to full term and be born. A person is a person from the moment of conception to natural death, so abortion is wrong....

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Raise the minimum wage.


This is an open debate. First person to respond is the first one I debate. Round 1 is for acceptance....

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Abortion is morally acceptable


I know there's been about a million of these debates but I haven't often debated the issue and would like some practice :) First round is for acceptance and for anything you would like to say before the debate. To clarify on what I am arguing, I am arguing that, if the mother's life is not in danger, abortion is morally wrong....

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