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What is the purpose of God?


I thought i would open another discussion with believer 720. We'll maintain this as merely a discussion as well b/c the topic is a question. I'll say that I am Con because I disagree with God in general. Now, I'll let you answer a few questions that I haven't been able to answer on my own. What is the purpose of God's existence? Is His life meaningless? What is the purpose of existence of any sort? If my opponent is interested, I believe that religion has nothing more to say...

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The Internet: The Last True Example of Free Speech (Net Neutrality)


NOTE: DO NOT TAKE THIS DEBATE IF YOU ARE GOING TO DEBATE THAT THE INTERNET IS OUR LAST VESTAGE OF FREE SPEECH. THAT IS NOT THE TOPIC OF THIS DEBATE. NET NEUTRALITY IS. I believe that Net Neutrality should be spared, and should be kept away from Virgin Media's grubby, greedy hands. For those who don't know, I'll summarize net neutrality in a simple way. Net neutrality is what lets you sit at your computer, hop on the internet, and visit every site on the internet at the same speed. Now, gra...

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What is the purpose of Atheism?


This is not a debate, nessecarily. Since the topic is a question, I'll say that, I am Con, because I disagree with Atheism as a whole, and I'll let an atheist or someone with a good idea of how atheism works take the Pro position. Now, for my first round, I'll let you answer a question or two that I haven't been able to answer on my own. What is the purpose of Atheism? What can be gained from being a Atheist? If my opponent is interested, I am a Christian. I can't make an argument u...

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The game Bioshock, along with others, would make a great film or novel.


This isn't a very serious debate. It's only one round because I won't be able to respond to any other rounds. Gamers are virtually the only people who realize the sheer entertainment value in the narrative of many video games alone. The reason the give video games a storyline, is so the game is more memorable, and the story sticks with them. For a lot of games, the story is the most memorable part of a game after it's played. Now, as you might or might not know, the new Metal Gear game, Me...

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The Cloning of Plants and Animals Will Be Benefical.


It's true, the benefits of cloning do outweigh the risks. Before you accept my challenge, please know that human cloning does not play a role in this debate. This debate is about the cloning of plants and animals alone. Now, for my starting arguments. -Studies have shown that pigs have organs that are very similar in structure to the organs of humans, and have concluded that they can be used for organ transplants. With over 180,000 people world wide waiting for an organ transplant, why not cl...

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