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$0.00: A Better Minimum Wage


As crazy as it may sound, it may just be the best option yet. This idea of a zero dollar minimum wage would be the best option for improving business quality while at the same time giving people what they deserve to be payed. The argument for the $15 minimum wage has been going on for a while now, but what people don't seem to understand is that under regulations and taxes that are already placed on businesses, and how much they affect the hiring process along with how much companies can act...

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An anarchist society should at least be given a try


I'm arguing for that an anarchist society should be given a try. My opponent will argue they should never be attemptedRules of Debate:1) No ad hominem, personal attacks, insults2) The total number of rounds used for argument should be the total you see here minus one since I am not using argument for debate.3) The last round used for argument should only be rebuttals/defense and/or conclusions. No new arguments in this last round. New facts and information can be given, but only in response to y...

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Legalisation of Weed: Another Big Mistake


While typically, I am pro legalisation of marijuana, in this debate I want to challenge myself and take the stance of anti-legalisation. Considering when arguing for the notion that legalisation would be more beneficial to our society, usually alcohol is brought up in the context that it is more dangerous than and kills many times more people than weed does. Now before I get into that, one of the other main issues here is opioid addiction. The high rise in addiction, not just worldwide, but...

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Abortion is Immoral.


I will take the stance of Pro-Life. I believe that a fetus is considered a form of human life and has the rights a human has from the moment of fertilization to birth. A few things to begin, scientists have established that life begins at fertilization (Princeton). With this in mind, it is important to understand that an abortion at any week during the pregnancy is the taking of a life, regardless of the physical traits that the fetus has yet to or already has developed....

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Should General Education in college be allowed as a choice?


I am a junior at U of Iowa and I plan to run for president of my student government body. I want to purpose the idea of making general education a choice when a student applies to be admitted to the university. This is simply an idea I want to test so I feel it's necessary to debate. I'm not saying I will be able to go through with this idea, but in any case I would still like to debate it. Please challenge my idea as thoroughly as possible. My argument goes as follows: I believe that general...

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