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About Me:I'm a 16 year old girl. I absolutely love playing rugby and watching it. i am fun to be around and is a great friend. il listen to your problems and won't judge. i am sporty and love the beach. no scrap that. i practly live on the beach. were the waves are im there. i love to get lost in storyworld and listen to music. to me rugby, friends family and books are most important to me :) im not so good at debating but i wish to get better.
Activities:Reading rugby hanging out with friends camping and surfing
Beliefs:everything can only get better
Books:Evermore series, the sight series, kisses from hell, anything from Sophie mckenzie
Movies:Kids films, Christmas films,
Music:Panic at the disco, Lawson, the vamps, the wanted, jason durleo, bob marley, blood on the dance floor, coldplay, green day, kesha, daddy yankee, busted, mcfly, lmfao
Quotes:'Why fit in when you were born to stand out' -dr Seuss
everything has a bright side
'an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. when life is dragging you back with dificulties, it means it's goint to launch yoi into something great. so just focus,and keep aiming.'
Sports Teams:(rugby)All blacks, England, devonport services
5 Debates

Soccer is superior to rugby


DEBATE MOTION: Soccer is superior to rugby1st Round: Acceptance2nd Round: Argument Presenting3-4th Round: Rebuttals, Counter-Rebuttals 5th Round: ConclusionHave Fun and Good Luck! ...

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School should start later, not earlier.


First round for acceptance means only. (Heh, I sound like a scholar.) However, some ground rules:My BOP will be that school should start later. My opponent's BOP will be that school should start EARLIER.Structure:Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: ARGUMENTS ONLYRound 3: REBUTTALS ONLYRound 4: POLISHING UP ONLY (no new arguments and/or rebuttals allowed.)Rules:Plagiarism not allowedForfeiture not allowedSwearing not allowedSpamming not allowedTrolling not allowedBreaking structure of debate is not allow...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

dodgeball or backestball?


some reason my computer isnt working properly so this would of gone under' opinions' so there is no argument for tbs. jsut vote and state if you think basketabll or dogeball is better. in my opnion i think dodgeball is better because its more competion and way funner than basketball. thanks all...

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hair colour and peircings in school


does it really mater what colour our hair is or what peircings we have? its not like its ruining our education. i belive that we should be able to dye our hair what ever colour we want and have any style we want. it is what makes us unique and school is baciscally telling us that we cant be unique. its not fair, we get told off for the most stupidist things, i mean come in to school with a lighter colour of blonde hair and a cute hair stule and you get sent home ? what sthe point? thats just rui...

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girls rugby


for this i just want to see what you think, my first debate . for this argument i will for girls rugby. do you think girls should play rugby? i belive that there is no reason why girls can't play, its just peoples opions that stop grils from playing. Both sexes can do exactly the same as the opposite sex. Girls who have a passion for such a rough sport should be able to play the game without being discriminated agaist. The sport isn't just for rough lads, its for everyone who wants to play, ther...

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