Casey Anthony rightfully was found not guilty


Ok, this debate is intended to be done by people who know law. I am a law student at Boise State, I am looking for people who are no just giving opinions but can use law steps to argue. Also must know info n case. My basic argument is this: Casey Anthony was rightfully found not guilty of the more serious charges set before her in the court of law.The reasons for me coming to this conclusion is this: 1: There was no evidence presented by the prosecution to show for sure that Casey had...

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Boise State Vs. VTech


Ok, I'm taking the Pro which shall be the side of Boise State. My opponent shall take the side of Vtech, meaning Virginia Tech. I will not be arguing this round, and I shall lso ask my opponent to do the same. This round shall be used t set up definitions and get guidelines for the debate. This debate shall be a debate on who will win the upcoming game between the two schools in football. I would like to thank my opponent in advance for taking this debate....

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Dance Dance Revolution ought to be included in High-School . . .


FULL TOPIC: Dance Dance Revolution ought to be included in High-School and/or Middle School Physical Education classes for schools that can afford it. I am in favor of this suggestion. I fully uphold the notion that DDR ought to be included and invite anyone who wishes to argue in favor of the topic. Like my most recent debate challenge, I shall begin argumentation in the second round and shall merely let this round serve as the greeting round. PRO is more than free to follow suit and begin a...

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