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Children Exhibit Moral Behavior, But Are Not Morally Praiseworthy.


The position on offer is that children, while they exhibit moral behavior, are not morally praisworthy (or blameworthy) for said behavior. I affirm. A caveat - some issues arose in the comment field of the last debate on this topic (where Yraelz forfeited). I wish to address the age of the children and the topic of moral intent... 1) On the Age of Children. Simply put, "children" in this case refers to individuals that lack sufficient cognitive skills to make complicated inferences rega...

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Given the Bible, God is Morally Repugnant and Undeserving of Praise


I could have simply phrased this debate "God is Morally Repugnant and Undeserving of Praise" but then I remembered a debate I was just in where the person who accepted the debate gets to define God. This is not the case here - for purposes of this debate, we shall defer to the Judeo-Christian sense of God, and if it pleases my opponent, we may use the same version of a "mainstream" Bible - I would suggest the New American Bible, for it is the one I shall present my opening arguments from. Th...

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Regardless of the existence of God, the Bible is wrong about many, many things.


This is 4 rounds simply because Round one will be the confirmation round. Simply join the debate, and announce your intention to debate. God- Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah Bible- Holy Bible of the Christian religion, as determined by the Council of Trent wrong- not right Burden: Self-explanatory, I must prove the resolution as defined to be true, my opponent must prove it "not true."...

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Macroevolution is a Scientifically Correct Explanation for the Diversity of Life on Earth.


I've started a couple of debates that cover subtopics of the Evolution vs. Creationism "controversy". It comes up often in such debates that Creationists will tote Microevolution is scientifically backed up, while Macroevolution isn't. They state that speciation isn't possible, and thus evolution can not be true. The intent of this debate is to show whether or not Macroevolution is grounded and proven with science. *Contentions* 1. Transitional Fossils. 2. Comparative Anatomy. That's...

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It seems that mainstream media favors the democrats and the Obama camp. this election.


After watching the news coverage of the Democratic National Convention and recently the Republican National Convention it appears that the mainstream news media heavily favors the democrats and the Obama campaign. Mainstream news media: Non-cable news networks; CBS,NBC,ABC. Watching the coverage of the DNC, I thought the news media did a good job of covering all the events and really highlighting the possitive attributes of the Obama/Biden campaign. The coverage really increased once...

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