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About Me:I'm a funny kid! I really like to have fun and have a good time. I live in a small town in Utah so most of my activities revolve around the outdoors. I really like listening and making music. I also really like to debate. Some people think i'm crazy for enjoying it but for some reason I just do. I really want to be an attorney when I get older. If you want to know more ask me! I like making new friendships!:)
Activities:I love to play guitar, piano, uke and harmonica. I also like to run with my cross country group. I like to read and write stories. My friends and I like to play video games and play basketball and outdoor sports. I'm in many clubs in my school like FCCLA, FBLA, TARs, and Debate. I really like to debate. That's why i'm on here.
Beliefs:I'm a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints. You may also know them as Mormons. I believe in many things. You may ask me more about my religion if you get the chance. But in short, I believe we are all part of a plan that God created for each of us. God has created a way for us to go back and live with him again. This is the gospel of His beloved son Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus Christ's teachings and atonement we can return to live with heavenly father. After Christ's death, his gospel was lost from the earth for a while. I believe that the gospel was restored by Joseph Smith in 1830. He did this after receiving personal revalation from God to translate the Book of Mormon. This may sound crazy but I believe it to be true because I have read the Book of Mormon and prayed to God in the name of Jesus Christ if it was true. I received revelation through the Holy Ghost that it is true. If you want to know more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the BOM just ask me.
Books:I like action books. I really like reading the Alex Rider books. They may be for a younger audience but I still connect to them. I also enjoyed the Jason Bourne books. I also like classics like To Kill A Mockingbird and Of Mice And Men.
Movies:I like all action, thriller and comedic movies. I can't really pick my favorite because I have too many.
Music:I like punk rock, rock, folk, alternative, blues, rap and pop music.
Quotes:I like mostly John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. quotes. My favorite JFK quote is "We must put an end to war, or war will put an end to us." My favorite MLK quote is "The only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend is love."
Sports Teams:I like the Oklahoma City Thunder for basketball. Real Salt Lake for soccer. The Chicago Bears for football. The Washington Capitals for hockey. I don't really watch baseball so I don't have a favorite baseball team.
TV Shows:I like thrillers and comedic shows. Like Fargo, Parks and Recreation, and shows on hulu like 11-22-63. I also really like historical shows.
High School:
Panguitch High, Class of 2017
Panguitch, Utah, United States

Mormonism teaches a different Christ than the one from the Bible.


Hello chrislee125, I'm challenging you to this debate, because I realise that you are a Mormon and I wanted to discuss some ideas with you, in a civilised manner. I hope you accept this debate. I will present to you some verses why I believe Mormonism cannot be biblical. And any experience that we had we need to test it in the bible to see if it is true. Every verse I present you must explain why it doesn't denounce your faith and Vice Versa. Start your defence and arguments on the first ro...

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New Testament Reveals: A Church Indefectible; or a Great Apostasy


I would like to thank my opponent for this debate. Though we clearly disagree on several issues, Chris is genuinely kind and desires the good of others. Like myself, he wants others to come to the true faith but one of us is not in the true faith, hence the purpose of this debate. Does the New Testament teach that Christ instituted an indefectible Church that would last until the end of time or does it teach that this Church Christ established would die on the vine and need restoration?...

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Updated 4 Years Ago

Was Jesus the Messiah?


Bs"dRules:1. Don't use faith as an argument2. Don't ignore my arguments by saying I'm going to hell3. You must provide objective facts to prove your stance4. You must provide Messianic prophecies that are messianic prophecies, not just anyone can fulfill, and that Jesus fulfilled.5. Google docs are permissible.6. I will argue that Jesus was neither the Messiah nor was he G-d according to the Hebrew scriptures. 7. My opponent must prove that Jesus was both G-d and the Messiah according to the Heb...

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Updated 4 Years Ago

The Christian gender roles set up in the NT are contrary to the OT:


1. Google docs are not a violation of conduct. 2. I will argue that the Christan version of gender roles is contrary to the Tanakh.3. My opponent must be a Christian and must argue for the gender roles established in the NT....

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Updated 4 Years Ago

Does the Old Testament prophesy of the Great Apostasy?


What is the apostasy? Was there even an apostasy? In this debate, my opponent and I will explain to you, the viewer, what the apostasy was and if it even happened or not. For this debate, we will be using the King James version of the Old Testament to show if it prophecies that there was or wasn't an apostasy. This debate will be split into 5 different rounds. Round 1: Opening Statements. Round 2-3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Cross examination. Round 5: Closing Statements. I, the affirmative side...

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