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About Me:A Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), is an investment scheme in which several individuals come together to pool their money to invest in a particular asset(s) with the motive to share the returns derived from the said investment in accordance with the agreement signed between them prior to pooling the money.
Activities:Amount or money received by the investor by a company which utilises these pooled contributions under a scheme or arrangement with a motive of receiving profits, income, property & is managed on behalf of the investors those arrangement or scheme is called as a collective investment scheme.
Beliefs:Control over the management and operation of such scheme or arrangement is not in the hand of investors. As per SEBI ordinance 2014, any unregistered scheme or arrangement which pools Funds under this, involving a corpus amount of one hundred crore rupees or more shall be deemed to be a collective investment scheme.
Books:A service providing entities that play the role of intermediate between banks and websites facilitating the communication of transaction information is known as payment gateway. They conceive information from the payer bank and take the information to the receiving banks and take care of their input, i.e. whether the transaction is accepted or not As per RBI guideline Payment gateway are entities that provide technology infrastructure to route and facilitate the processing of an online payment transaction without any involvement in the handling of funds
Movies:Conditions for registration of Collective Investment Scheme e62; Applicant must be a registered company as per the Companies Act, 2013 or previously applicable law e62; The company main objective mentioned in its MOA must specify the managing of a collective investment scheme e62; The applicant has a net worth of not less than rupees 3 crores at the time of making the application which shall be increased to rupees five crores within a period of three years from the date of the date of registration
Music:e62; SEBI grants such certificate to only fit and proper person. e62; There should be proper and adequate infrastructure to enable it to operate a collective investment scheme in accordance with the provision of these regulations; e62; The directors and the key personnel of the applicant should be persons of honesty and integrity and shall possess having adequate professional experience in the related field e62; The Directors and KMP of the applicant shall not have been convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude or for any economic offence or for the violation of any securities laws; e62; Half of the board member shall be consisting of the persons who are independent and are not directly or indirectly associated with the persons who have control over the Collective Investment Management Company; e62; No person who has been directly or indirectly connected with the applicant should have been refused registration in the past, by the Board under the Act.
Quotes:What is a Collective Investment Management Company?
IT is a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and registered with SEBI under the SEBI (Collective Investment Schemes) Regulations, 1999, whose object is to organise, operate and manage a Collective Investment Scheme.

A person (Company) which has obtained a certificate of registration in accordance with these regulations can carry on or sponsor or launch a collective investment scheme.

Application to the Board for the grant of registration shall be made in Form A by any person proposing to carry any activity as a Collective Investment Management Company on or after the commencement of these regulations.
Sports Teams:Business Activities restricted for a collective investment Management Company: The collective investment Management Company- e62; Cannot perform any other activity other than managing the collective investment scheme Cannot act as a trustee of any collective investment scheme Cannot launch any collective investment scheme for the purpose of investing in securities Cannot invest in any collective investment scheme floated by it. e62; Cannot charge any fees on its investment in that collective investment scheme.
TV Shows:Compulsory condition needs to be followed by a collective investment management company Prerequisites for registration of a Collective Investment Scheme are as follows: e62; There has to be a minimum capital requirement (that is 3 crore initially which will grow to 5 crores in next 3 year from incorporation) e62; It has prescribed certain corporate governance in the company. e62; Independent director should be 50% of the total numbers of directors. e62; There should be a trust
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