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About Me:I'm a senior at the university of Texas seeking to get my B.S. in biological sciences and B.A. in philosophy. I enjoy the debating issues that face our society today and will be more than happy to debate someone with a differing opinion.
Activities:Pretty much school and work
Beliefs:I believe they are evident in 20 question survey I just took
Books:The Selfish Gene, A People's History of the United states, The Greatest Show on Earth: Evidence for Evolution, 1984, Brave New World, and Catcher in the Rye
Movies:Inception, Fight Club, The Fighter, Avatar, Sicko, A Crude Awakening, Batman: The Dark Knight, The Prestige and many more
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Quotes:If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature but by our own institutions great is our sin. -Charles Darwin
TV Shows:Lost, The Daily Show, and Futurama
The University of Texas at Austin, Undergraduate Class of 2012
Austin, Texas, United States
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Kingwood H S, Class of 2008
Kingwood, Texas, United States
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Memory Erasing Drugs are Unethical


Within recent years scientist have discovered that the drug propanol may be effective in erasing fear based memories when they are recalled. This has sparked a debate within the scientific community regarding memory erasing procedures ethical implications. Here's a link with more information: Rules: 5 rounds My opponent can argue from whatever ethical standpoint he or she wishes (Deontology, Utilitarianism, etc.) and I will argue based on those g...

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Deregulated Capitalism is Superior to Alternatives

dcarvajal1990 Framework ===Deregulated Capitalism - The bare bones laws stemming from the Non-Aggression Principle. Superior - I'll chose my weighing standard later if necessary. I plan to demonstrate uncontroversial advantage. Just remember this is a comparative exercise, so if you don't employ ceteris parabis you fail. - Pick whatever you want. I basica...

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An omni-god can avoid the problem of evil


First we must define an omni-god, he is all loving or good, all powerful, and all knowing. This god is also the creator of the universe.Problem of evil basically If God is all-good, he would destroy evil.If God is all-powerful, he could destroy evil.But evil is not destroyed.Therefore, such a God (all-good and all-powerful) does not exist.My opponent wll have to come up with a solution that does not limit gods power, goodness,or knowledge. He/she can start in the 1st round but will not be...

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Deregulated Capitalism


A deregulated form of a capitalism such as the libertarian's conception of it is generally bad for society and increases the gap between the rich and the poor....

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