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1-844-762-3952 How To Set Up AOL Desktop Gold Icon On The Desktop?

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Started: 8/22/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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To create a shortcut for AOL desktop on your desktop, You will have to follow the instructions given below.
1. Locate the right bottom of your computer desktop (At system tray).
2. Now click on the hidden item option on the arrow icon.
3. You will see an icon of AOL desktop here, Click on it and create a shortcut on the desktop.
4. Now check if you have created AOL desktop gold shortcut on the desktop.
If in case you have a technical issue while performing the steps given above you can get help via customer care team. You can ask them that how you can create a shortcut for AOL desktop when you have install AOL desktop gold on your device.
Read More:- https://www. Email-customer-support. Com/aol-download/
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