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100 male adult Humans could kill 1 male adult African Bush Elephant

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Started: 3/3/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello Everyone!
I claim that 100 adult human males could kill 1 adult male African Bush Elephant.
Con must argue that the Elephant would win the fight. For the fight to end, the elephant must be dead, or all humans must be dead.

Scenario and Rules:
100 Humans:
- All humans are adult males
- All humans are 6 feet tall
- All humans weigh 185 pounds
- All humans are physically fit and athletic
- All humans are slightly faster then the average person
- All humans are slightly stronger then the average person
- All humans have fairly sharp teeth
- All humans are initially unarmed
- All humans are initially naked
- All humans know certain martial arts
- All humans know basic elephant anatomy
- All humans are mentally well
- All humans are as smart or smarter then the average person
- All humans are mentally unaffected by the death of their companions
- All humans have regular human anatomy
- All humans will willingly sacrifice themselves to kill the elephants
- All humans have no physical or mental disorders
- All humans are unaffected by hunger, thirst, and temperature during the fight
- All humans have an IQ of 115
- All humans may use their surroundings to their advantage

- The Elephant is an adult male African Bush Elephant
- The Elephant weighs 13,000 lbs
- The Elephant is 11 feet tall
- The Elephant is hostile
- The Elephant has the regular anatomy of a African Bush Elephant
- The Elephant's tusks are 2.5 meters long
- The Elephant is unaffected by hunger, thirst, and temperature during the fight
- The Elephant is mentally well
- The Elephant has no physical or mental disorders

Playing Field:
- They fight on the average African Savannah. The field has several trees, a couple large rocks and there is a small pond about 6 feet deep at the center. The pond is muddy and void of life. The arena is a 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile area.
- No animals, besides the elephant and humans, may interfere in the fight.

My opponent may start round 1 by stating why humans would not win this fight. Good luck to my opponent, and may the best mammal win!


100 humans would not win this fight, one bit. They can carry a vast weight but are very heavy. They can pull up to 9 tons - 1.7 times their normal body weight. One angry elephant can do a lot of damage. On my recent trip to Kenya, I stood there as an elephant took out a large bough of a tree with one lazy swipe of its trunk. An angry elephant barrelling towards you would most definitely engage your flight reaction to get out of the way of it. For these reasons, an angry male elephant will beat 100 humans.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting my debate.

This is an elephant anatomy diagram, just for convenience and future referencing.

My opponent claims that elephants are heavy and can pull a lot of weight. He also claims that he saw one take out a large tree branch, and that seeing one charging towards you would engage a flight reaction.
While these are nice points, they have nothing to do with the fight. The elephant won't be pulling 100 people at once, and the people are moving, which is not as vulnerable as a stationary tree branch.
My opponents main argument here seems to be that the elephant would engage a flight response in the humans.
This is untrue, as I have stated in the rules, "All humans will willingly sacrifice themselves to kill the elephant". These humans don't care about, or have a flight reaction, as they don't fear death

The Smart Way:
The humans can effectively kill the elephant. The humans could either hide from the elephant, or select a few humans to distract it. After that, the humans could get to work. They could make spears and use them against the elephant. Using rock chunks, sticks, and the various plants, they could fashion spears and kill the elephant.
Some modern day African tribes actually hunt elephants with spears. (I would post a video, but it is graphic. If you are still interested, look up "Elephant Spear Hunting" on Youtube)
To further this argument, one researcher demonstrated the effects of ancient Clovis spear points on modern day African elephants.
The article states "In the paper Frison recounts using his Clovis points on elephants that had been "mortally wounded or killed" during culling operations."
The Clovis people lived about 12,000 years ago, and their spear points were able to kill an African elephant. So, a modern day person with this kind of knowledge, should be able to do much better.

The Crazy Way:
Did you know that elephants have extremely weak backs? It is actually the point of this next article.
Anyways, the article state that riding elephants can do severe injury to the elephant's spine and back.
With this in mind, the humans could beat the elephant. Suppose this, the humans trap and push the elephant into the muddy, 6 foot deep pond. The elephant, trapped in the pond due to the mud, is nearly defenseless. The humans jump and crawl on to the elephants back.
Instead of having only 1 person riding it, the elephant now has about 20 people, doing severe damage to it's back. These people who also know martial arts, could attack the elephants back, hurting it further.

The Virtually Insane Way:
In the book "Do Ants Have Arseholes?: ...and 101 other bloody ridiculous questions" (Yes, incredibly credible source, I know but stay with me.), it features a letter from an English general. The book reviews the letter, and says the following:
"General Smythington Smythe's correspondence goes on for many pages, which I cannot be bothered to type up. To summarise: by his reckoning as a military man, it would take at least 100 naked, oiled men to subdue an elephant: one to distract it with iced buns and peanuts, two to poke it in the eye with long sticks, and the other 97 to bite its tail and hindquarters until it died through loss of blood, confusion and stress."
This is an extreme, but is never the less possible. One person could simply distract the elephant (It is already hostile), while two try to take out it's eyes. The rest, with their already sharp teeth, attack the elephants from behind.
(Also, it is complete coincidence that both me and the general have the 100 figure mark. I have never even heard of this book beforehand.)

100 Humans can kill a African Bush Elephant, through the ways I have provided. Con's arguments hold no ground.
Vote Pro!
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by asta 2 years ago
The humans can use the surroundings to their advantage. They could get a machine gun and they could shoot the elephant quickly.
Posted by Darnoc00 3 years ago
This was bias from the start. Even if 100 humans were resolute in killing the animal some would still falter when it comes to fight or flight. Should be interesting to see what happens.
Posted by SteelPelican 3 years ago
Fixed, along with a couple other things.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
160 pounds is not necessarily athletic. at 6 foot and 160 pounds, those people will look extremely skinny. Athletic at 6 foot would be more like 180 pounds to 200 pounds.
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