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27376(pro) will lose this debate

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Started: 5/30/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 975 times Debate No: 55765
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I will lose this argument. And if i win then i will when the debate. But if i lose then i would have been right. Someone please poke giant hole in my logic.

(Dont use any sources, just kill my logic somehow)


Pro will not lose this debate for his logic is flawless. I shall now prove to you why.

Pro has turned me against myself in the most masterful resolution-play in the history of DDO.

There is simply nothing as flawless as this conceivable. Not only does the resolution state his side but his specific username that he has attached to that side.


At your service, m'lord.

Is there anything else I can do for you other than admit that you will win this debate?
Debate Round No. 1


Admit ill lose it. Hehe. Thanks


I'm afraid "master"...

That you have presented me with an impossible request. A request I am thus forced to deny!

If you meant to request me to admit that you will lose this debate, your order should have to admit that "ill lose it." but that "I'll lose it."

It is a well known fact that if something is impossible to carry out, then, by default, you are forced to disobey the order. Thus by forcing me to disobey you have inadvertently freed me.

And I deny it!

I deny to admit that you will lose!

I deny to admit the inevitable outcome that is your loss!

I choose to lie to the audience, to tell them that you will lose. However, anything I say is only going to be judge for its persuasive power. Thus, even if i successfully persuade them that you will lose, they'll be forced to click a button that gives me more numbers it gives you.

You, former master, even though I am bound to get more votes than you in this debate and even thought it will said "the winner is baus", you will have won the actual debate because the aim of this debate is to lose the votes.

Thus, if you were to win the votes, you'd lose the debate.

The debate is about both of us ensuring that we lose the votes to prove yourself as the most worthy debater and you, former master, have done this beautifully and shall now be honored in your request to lose by losing the votes.

That is how you win, my old friend. You win by getting the last laugh at the fact that I win the votes.

You win the case, I win the debate. I lose. I am pathetic. I will never amount to your greatness but at least I'm free now.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by 27376 7 years ago
Im technically winning the debate.
Posted by 27376 7 years ago
Whats that video of anyway.
Posted by 27376 7 years ago
Oh $&!@, never thought of that
Posted by doomswatter 7 years ago
Wow. If this ends in a tie, baus wins... but doesn't.
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Vote Placed by PotBelliedGeek 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: Con has pointed out that pro's logic is flawless, and that because of this flawless logic, Pro deserves to win the debate. I agree with Con that this flawless logic does indeed make Pro the winner, therefore giving Con the points.

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