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6 years old boy got molested today

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Started: 8/5/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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6 years old boy got molested today

I was walking down the town as usual
Walking around buildings to find places
Where children play alone
Then I saw a 6 years old boy
He was alone
I decided to molest him
When children are alone with the molester
They are much less likely to tell
So I approached him,
Put my hands around his head
And kissed him on the lips
He pushed me away, So I let him go
He ran away, And so did I
Crucual part is to leave the place of molestation
Walking is very good, I walk every day
Searching for new children to kiss
I also dream of one day
Grabbing a child from her parent's hands
And molesting her in front of her parents
While everyone tries to stop me
I would still place a kiss in the child's lips
Even when joy disappears from my acts
Even when I am more often afraid than happy
I still do what I do
I still molest children
Some say it is the will of God
Some say it is the mistake of nature
Some say I have been hit in the head too much
But none of that really stops me
I will still molest children
I molested children before
And I will molest even more


Wow okay so a pedophile here willing to overpower children against their will. Why? You sick bastard is that the only thing you know. Let me guess your daddy did it to you, Or maybe you're so desperate to have sex that you attack children because adults are able to see a fucked up mind, So you go against a child will. Also by me assuming by your profile picture your a Christian. Now by that you should be going to hell for. For it is you for destroying one of the things that God loves most. . . Family. You by raping that child are destroying the family structure because the child is your sex object and God thinks sex is sacred and by trying to fool around with that child shows you have never seen a Bible in your life. You are nothing but the devil's bitch and I can't wait for the day you die because you left harm on this earth inspiring more demons like you.
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Reasons for voting decision: No sources cited, Pro with better conduct, otherwise Con better across all metrics. Not sure why Pro placed this under Economics in the first place and obviously his views are very disturbing. That said, Con makes more sense and properly answers a fairly ludicrous

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