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911 was an inside job

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Started: 10/20/2015 Category: Politics
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I contend that 911 was an inside job.

The American government either planned its inception or allowed terrorists to do as they pleased without doing anything to stop them.

The purpose of the false flag attack was to gain an excuse to attack Iraq and Afghanistan to secure oil resources for America.

False flag events are quite often used by powerful countries to start wars.

Adolph Hitler used it to start World War II.


9/11 was the second large scale attack on the U.S. That goes without saying. A terrible day to be remembered and I mourn for the poor souls that lost their lives during this crisis. The theory that the United Stated government attacked their own nation, and caused 9/11, is un-sensable and preposterous. Isn't the job of the government of the United States to protect its people?
Yes Hitler did complete some acts that are relative to these types of corruption, to influence propaganda and seize control, but... obviously Hitler was a maniac. I think everyone agrees that the United States, and other countries, are trying to learn from the mistakes that misguided leaders took in history, especially in WWII. Yes, the U.S did gain some oil product from these countries, but they didn't cause 9/11 as an excuse for it. If the United States wanted to attack Arab countries for oil, we would have done it without killing our own citizens. The risk of a information leak would lead to detrimental consequences, with relationships to other countries, and with the United States public. No country wants to resemble that of the Nazi empire, and following that, my opponents comparison between the U.S and the Nazi organization deeply unsettles me.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry to have to turn your world upside down.
False flag events are very common in the history books if you know how to read between the lines and research the fine print.

1.The Gulf of of Tonkin attack was a case of American aggression, not Vietnamese aggression. The American destroyer was only 30 kilometres off the coast of Vietnam looking for trouble, so when a few torpedo boats came near to investigate; the destroyer decided to get some target practice. Thus, we had the beginning of the Vietnam War.
2. Pearl harbour - The Japanese navy had radioed Pearl Harbour to advise them that they were going to attack days before hand. The radio message was not passed on. Thousands of civilian lives were lost unnecessarily as a consequence. This gave the American Government an excuse to enter the Second World War.
3. The Lusitania - This ship was loaded with passengers and ammunition at the same time. A German newspaper in New York tried to publish a warning about submarines in the area where the Lusitania was about to cruise. The article was stopped by the American government who needed lots of causalities so that America could have a reason to enter the First World War.
4. 911 - Suspicious circumstances
- Marvin Bush (George's brother) was in charge of security of the World Tower buildings.
- Passports of terrorists found totally intact without any burns or damage. (very convenient)
- George Bush's friendly relationship with the Bin Laden Family.
- Mobile phones working on planes at high altitude (impossible)
- Donald Rumsfeld slip-up about a missile hitting the pentagon.


zipper68 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Still waiting.


zipper68 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by president_Ian 2 years ago
Since con won't continue the debate, I will.
Pro presents many valid points and I admit I had not known of some of them. However, he talks of mobile phones that wouldn't have been able to work at such altitudes, and this is not necessarily correct. The majority of calls from the air that morning were from airphones, which were installed in the aircraft and designed for such use.
I'd be happy to share more if Pro wishes to carry this on.
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