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radio station


97. 5 is obviously better because 96. 3 only has 3 songs before 13 ccommertials they go commercial free for an our but then they do commercials aal at one time while on 97. 5 they have 8 songs before 3 ads i think that 96. 3 is just greedy for money...

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Scott James should be chemically castrated


Scott James is a filthy piece of human excrement and we need to stop him from reproducing at all costs. Just imagine looking down from heaven and seeing this degenerates tainted seed infesting your future generations. Your entire legacy burnt to the ground by this faĞĞots unhinged libido. I don't know about most people out there but i for one would rather flog myself in public then take even the slightest chance of this happening. Perhaps Scott's inane gayness my offset the chance of h...

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Colonizing the moon should be 1st priority for NASA.


If we're ever going to learn how to colonize other worlds then we'd better get started practicing the how to's ASAP and the best place for doing so is of course on our own moon. Bring stackable columns up there, Get life support systems up and running, Get regular supply lines running both goods and people at regular intervals between earth and the moon, Get self sustaining domes up and running on the moon which generates breathable air and food, Have water recycling facilities of sort supplyi...

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Eating hedgehogs gives you stomach pain.


If you actually were to catch a hedgehog and eat it you would end up with terrible stomach pain....

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Do gig economy workers deserve the same rights as full-time workers?


Gig economy workers do not deserve the same rights as full-time employs, As they are technically classified as independent contractors. Furthermore, Gig economy workers have many other benefits that full-time employees do not. These include increased flexibility in the hours one does to endless opportunities for freelance employment at their fingertips....

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is girl is more mature than boys


hi guys i am tauret hussain, I want to debate on topic that is, IS GIRL IS MORE MATURE THAN THE BOYS. so lets starts debate on it, who can accept...

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Harvesting navel fluff will improve global economy


Bar recklessly discarding navel fluff, It could instead be collected, Spun and knitted into fully wearable clothes. Also, Given the fact than many animals also have navels, There's virtually no end to the amount of potentially 100 percent fully organic recyclable yarn running around out there just waiting to be harvested wherever it's found. This would of course open up to a whole variety of new job opportunities, With professions such as "navel engineer", "fluff technician", Together with e...

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Is Genesis a poem?


Yes, Basing on scholarly and textual evidence. And, When it come to Genesis, It's a poem. And, Even in the text it hint to be a poem E. G, It repeats phrase such as "Let there be", "And God said", "And it was so", Etc. These phrase show that the creation account is a poem. Also, The creation account is also vague as well. So yes, Genesis is a poem....

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Fast Food Should be Banned


I am 100% for fast food! Buying fast food is a cheap, Convenient and delicious way of feeding a family. Fast food is an affordable option for feeding a family. On average, In the United States, A family of four will spend $600 on groceries per week. This same family of four could have fast food for every meal each day, And spend a total of $376. 88 per week. For that price, Each family member is eating a breakfast muffin, A salad for lunch, A meal including a burger, Fries and drink, Along wit...

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Understanding is true love.


Rocks don't need to understand, That they can fall on each other, And fragment each other, And crush each other, Cuz it doesn't matter Understanding requires complete honesty, And when we don't understand each other, Its obvious....

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