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What is will?


Do we have free will? And what is will anyway? My hypothesis is that it's simple: We do what we want. Which is: We appease our likes and dislikes. But we don't choose our likes and dislikes, You just have them. So what is will? Will is a manifestation of your genetic predispositions set against your environment/learning/culture etc, Which produce your likes and dislikes, Which fuel/produce your will. Free? Hardly. Unique? Yes you have unique, Individual, Dyn...

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One of our longtime debaters


Has just been Pasteurized...

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Why is it that christians do not present anything new that atheists haven't debunked countless times


Indeed, A very good question. "Why is it that christians do not present anything new that atheists haven't debunked countless times? " A word of humble caution: There's gonna be a lot of sarcasm within this dee-bate. So if that's not your cup of tea, Then do not drink on! However, The ideas are plumb and as sure as daylight sound. * Pascal's Wager = Zzzzz. That you should wager for god. Really? Poker chips. A good bluff. Yeah, People bet with their lives if this whatever untamed she=rew o...

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Atheism is disbelief, Rejection of belief, Absence of belief. A god takes belief. That's a religion


Since atheism is the disbelief, The rejection of belief, The absence of belief in a god or gods, That's not a religion. To believe in a god, Especially when no god or gods have ever been proven to exist in the entire existence of the human race to back up any claim or claims with evidence, That's a religion....

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Japan and South Korea will become Chinese Allies


Right now Japan and South Korea are allies of the United States, And some people believe that this alliance will last for a long time. I believe otherwise. A large reason has to do with the cultural and historical ties in East Asia, And how alliances between East Asian nations and other countries panned out in the long term Long term alliances between nations are shaped by the interactions between the people between the two nations over a period of time. Nations are made of people, And the da...

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Black people are treated fairly.


So far as I can tell Black people are treated fairly and are not discriminated against in any way. They are not targeted by police or criminal justice systems or corporations. You can bring up whatever points you want to try to disprove this but I think most arguments you make can be debunked by pointing out that Black people commit more violent crime and are less educated. This has nothing to do with biology, Is is due to environmental circumstance. I would enjoy having my mind changed, Good lu...

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The corona virus is a fraud


You have been deceived by the media, Government, Pharmaceutical companies and doctors. It has been known for at least 150 years that germs do not cause disease. This was proven by a biologist by the name of Antoine Bechamp. He was a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. It was proven that germs are the result of a disease and are not the cause of it. Recent technology and understanding of vitamins has further confirmed this information. Disease is unnatural and doesn"t occur by itself in nature. Humans...

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Minimum wage is to low in the US.


The minimum wage is way too low and it's so obvious. Just look at a chart, The richest country (America) in the world has a minimum wage of 7. 25 but if you look at Australia it's 14. 25, Let me remind you; America is the richest country in the WORLD. Australia doesn't even make it onto the top ten list of rich countries. The minimum wage should be raised to 15 dollars at least....

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