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A Gold Standard

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Started: 4/3/2017 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I was originally Pro.
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Posted by TheMarketLibertarian 3 years ago
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
read in succession, not post order.
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
A man who has fallen away from God is the hardest to convince, - Not because, he is incapable of understanding, or acting upon knowledge, but - because he already knows what you are going to tell him, and he is telling you that he has lost his faith, 'in the good news'.
What I say tot hat man is this, "I have proven the third day of creation is a scientific fact, 7 years ago. ~ I had read the bible for the first time in my life at age 20, after, having reached Christmas of my grade 12 year, noticed, that I was alone in my objectives and beliefs [I believe in immortality, and I never imagined anyone was so stupid that they would contest a God of scorpions, old age, snakes, fire, and blizzards, drowning and famine IN Bigoted debate and argument or discussion in retaliation to establishing a sensible foundation for a logical conclusion of a plausible faith. regardless of reaching a theist conclusion or otherwise.] ~ and it was easy to do. I was obsessive. Having not yet read far in, and having never finished reading Maccabees, I chose to say, "A River is not but a division of water between two pieces of land."

Low behold. here I am, the man who ahs never believed in death, bestowed with the wisdom of timeless truth. The World proclaims God's name from every mountain top.

There is a lot of things for a man to discuss in his time, in his day, in his life. For each moment is somewhat castrated success. An epiphany is the makeshift reality of each second - a sentence that would bald you, if you were bald.

Tomorrow the sun won't rise.
But in the night the sun will come up,
creeping, like a upon us, hidden or not, it will arise suddenly and be with us again.

So if you were pro- for advocating anal oral and masturbation to children and psychopaths in public and schools to children in a world where nurture is the cause of our moral values, filled with rapists, capitalist whore-mongering, criminals, perverts, bastards, poverty - POVERTY (immature people breed
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
criminal scum in the depths of despair spreading disease, because of their insolent bigoted arrogance, Saying tot he world, "Feed me food I have not grown, and cloth me in cloths I have not made, and provide me with opportunities that I am incapable of fulfilling with grace nor dignity".) Then I say unto you. Be pro no longer with Honor, and instead

consider if you believe me when I tell you the horrid tales of truth, that paint our history with desolation and disgrace,

because if you believe these stories, then you can be found in the face of the prosperity. For the gate, though narrow, is open to everyone, who enters.

Did the T-Rex cry over his meat?
but did the animal dying suffer as much as he?
by no means.

Pity not the dying. and you will learn of something ignorant people say is, "Bliss." - It is not ignorance. It's God's, God Given Gift of:

Not lust, or greed, or envy, gluttony, jealousy or insolence,

the pure gift of Standing above the wreckage, and taking the most valued of God's Gifts.
I can make you atheist, I can make you selfish, I can make you blind, I can make you.

BUT YOU, refuse to admit that there is such a golden rule?
I accept.
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