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A New Years' Special Debate: In Conversation with... myself

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Started: 1/2/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello all, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and a good year at best.
For those who know me, they know that i'm unorthodox and creative, but they also know I have my demons.

Today, I make this post for people to enjoy, just sit back and relax.

In depth, some of you already know that i am a long term (recovering) porn addict suffering various mental health issues such as depression and childhood emotional neglect, so in light of that i want to have a entertaining debate, with myself! to highlight the true struggles of what an addict struggles with, struggles such as delusional thoughts, triggers and poor control impulses. In other words, i will be opposing my "evil" self, in a bid to express how damaging addictioin is.

P.s Note for haters: Know that I am getting counselling, and that porn addiction is real. Although it starts of as choice, the effects of withdrawing as just too overwhelming until one gains a full understanding, confidence, and self determination to fight ones' demons. I feel doing this now is a form of communal sharing, and not just attention seeking. Although i'd be lying if i said it wasn't totally attention seeking, considering it is one of the flaws one has when growing up in a toxic environment. Anyways...



I accept this challenge, you low life good for nothing child. You know nothing, you claim to be so smart, trying to show up imposters such as @followrofchrist1955 n @masterful, but you are no better. You are just a baby wandering aimlessly. You need porn, porn gives you hope. Porn makes you feel alive. Porn is better than any other woman out there, don't worry about your confidence issues. you loser!, I have taken all of your energy and dreams away, you have only one desire now. I own you. You are only here to hide behind a laptop like follower', you can't face the man in the mirror. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.
Debate Round No. 1


So you say i can't face the man in the mirror, but il tell you that I'm determined to break this cycle. Sure you may have protected me from my unpleasant childhood, sure you helped me coast life blocking painful emotions, sure you made me feel alive. But now I want freedom, because you do own me, this addiction is like a deal with the devil. For anyone who believes porn is natural and nonaddictive, read this. It will destroy you, there are more cons to pros. Sites such as nofap n reboot nation will get you started on the long road to recovery.

I'll explain why there's more cons, after long term usage, it nullified me, depleted my dopamine levels (see nofap), and made me socially awkward, made me view women negatively.Like any drug, It comes with withdrawal (see nofap). So far ive been trying to recover for 4 years, progress n setbacks are expected. Sites suggest 90 days with out porn to break free, but it can take up to years. Counselling and talking to people about this embarrassing issue really is step 1, and I'm ready for it.

I want to live life, and you are holding me back. THIS WAS a one a way relationship based on fear. Bring Your A game, because i know your tricks.


Before I respond to your "beliefs", lets take a minute to expose FollowerOfChrist1955, for he is just as broken as you are.

Follower' in a nutshell. This below is a reblog of what I have written about him before, we have a history of confrontations, and I'm hellbent on exposing him. Don't be fooled by his bio, hes most likely troll. Because:

1:Has no debate etiquette, never responds coherently.
2:Uses one biblical source as reference as believes it trumps logic, fact and reason. He lacks knowledge and experience. Attack his character, for he will do it to you first. A fool knows arguing with a fool won't get you anywhere. I like it though, I enjoy the thrill of antagonising him back, but others save yourselves. Just blank him.
3:Is a phoney hypocritical narcissist: Any godly man of his claim would be actively engaged in volunteering or something, not sitting behind a laptop arguing. He's boastful, that's a sin.
4:He has an obsession with promoting his opponents previous debates, its as if he wants us to know how much smarter we're them him.
5:He is an emotionally broken man: He has serious mental health issues.
6:He's a sadist: An unhealthy obsession of punishing people.
7:A lonely soul: Cleary an attention seeker, much like me, so I can relate to him, hence the exposure of him.
8:God complex: My man claims to have met him, how delusion is he!
9:Inferiority complex: He enjoys being in a position where he's proved wrong, maybe his parents treated him poorly.


ANYWAYS, ON TOPIC: How dare you be so spiteful, so ignorant, so clueless and foolish. I made you, YOU NEED ME. No way would you have graduated uni without me, you would be nothing without me. You think its that easy to escape me, how many friends have you ever had?, how many times have you had sex?, how many times have you been ostracised by your family for being awkward. EXACTLY, life is not worth living without me. I make people feel invincible. Sure you'll be a down at times, but that's just because you need MORE of me. If you dare try leave me, know I will make your life miserable. I've made you so delusional, a relapse is inevitable. For years you couldn't even go 2 days without porn. GOD KNOWS how you managed 100 days this year, I must have been taken to a shrink or something , please don't dare take me there again, I don't feel comfortable there. This was supposed to be me and you against the world. Why would you want to live in a world where everyone backstabs everyone, stay with me and i'll make you worth a billion dollars. You've already lost 2 uncles and a grandfather to alcohol, and your losing ur dad to it as well, do you really want to experience that. I will comfort you. Comfort you like your parents never did.

Its funny how society thinks addiction is not real, I laugh at such ignorance, sure genes and environments play apart, but the devil in us will always give in to temptation. You LOVE it.

I don't expect you to respond anytime soon, you'll probably be triggered and watch some, that'll be fun. For me not for you, It takes you like 3 hours to get off, because I've numbed you so much. I've made you doubt your sexuality, your identity, your whole life. So yeah this is a one way relationship, and You LOVE it.

In conclusion, MRAAJ thinks he can escape my threshold, but that's all can do it, think. HE never does anything, never worked a job in his life, everyone calls him lazy, but we both know that's because i'm an energy vampire. MWAHAHAHAHA, be fearful, be very fearful of my wrath.
Debate Round No. 2


You have a big mouth don't you. I wonder why you are so goddamn controlling?, you don't know what control is, we are just maniacal hamsters running around in circles. I want to change, this is why counselling will be beneficial. Before i'd be disheartened when I relapsed, but that's what you want isn't it, you want me to be miserable. Recovery and days without using porn are two different things, I have learnt so much in the past few years, it seems like you're holding me hostage, I've not yet found the keys to escape, but I am closing in. Remember at uni, when I asked my weed using compadreys why the didn't tell their parents about their habit, IT was because of fear and embarrassment, something you thrive on. You are just as fearful and embarrassed of yourself than I am. I will expose you, and you won't see it coming. Sure I expect to relapse after counselling sessions, its natural for an addict, but in time I will have the strength, energy, and will to defeat you. You energy sucking mofo. No one else understands the struggle, but i'm determined to make sure I understand. last week I confessed my addictions to la familia in writing form, it was a chip of my shoulder.


Ya know there's a correlation between creative genius and mental health issues. Hahaha haha I've fukd you up so much you think you have a chance. u know what they'll say, they'll say 'U screwed U', literally n figuratively. I can't wait for you to die, why are you still breathing, what u waiting for? I hate you so much, why do u constantly defy my power. If only your family weren't so goddamn backwards with their religious superstitions, i would have made you a man by now. Hope n faith is going to get u nowhere
Debate Round No. 3


Counselling required, you win for now. I have given in to your beauty, you evil beauty. I am your prisoner, for now, but I will break free soon.
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Debate Round No. 4
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
i wish i could click "yes" twice
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