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A festive laugh: The battle of comedy. Who can be more nonsensical, me or flatstanley?!!???!?

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Started: 1/4/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Lets begin the battle of comedic nonsense, for everyone's' entertainment.

So, my friend, can you do the dab? I didn't think so. Where are your pencils young man?, I told you bring pencils. Simon says hello btw, I punched him in the face for talking too much. I hear you believe "erf" is flat, its not. do you want else isn't flat, my stomach! Tony just won his own award. They say i am highbrow, I mean high bro. Oscars' jealous of fat tony. Follow the yellow brick road. Did you know, no you didn't. I fancy a donut, don't call me donut. I see you looking at me, shaking that a', arsenal, sht football club. Aiii no homo, keep it clean. Clean like your bed sheets the day after you wet your own bed! Talking of beds, make sure the bed bugs don't bite, they be mad hungry these days. They like sushi, cos they racist, and creampie, cos they sex addicts. Talking of addicts, hows ur momma! she so fat, the computer said no. Dunnanunanunananuna banana man!! Is it a bird, no its a cow, flying over the moon. Moon and star, turkey flag. Turkey, ummm thanksgiving. Thank you for this opportunity. SWOT analysis. Anal eyes, what? what? 3,16 what?. i'm deaf I can't see u. I hate action man, he's a prick. who the fck is flat Stanley tho, for real, is he real, or a mirage. Threesome. so lovely. Lovely just like strawberry ice cream, cream the song by prince. Prince of arabia, Saudi arabia threaten oil war, world war 3, everyman dead. Only women survive, too much conversation. blah blah blah, robots take over, kill all hue mans. ipod king, nano queen. Queen of bucket and spades. Spades, spears and daggers. Dungeons n dragons, dragon of wales. whales can do the dab, u jealous?

That's enough for now, try top it if u can, erf boy.


Calenge this is hmmmm? Wel I do escept ov corse hahaha I do win I will hahahaha
Have you ever felt sad or lonely? Have you ever felt two feet tall? Have you ever thought, "Man, if only I was anybody else at all." They like to kick you when times get rough And you give your all But it's not enough
And sticks and stones might break your bones But words can break your heart And if you don't know where to go I'll show you where to start
Kill yourself, it'll only take a minute You'll be happy that you did it Just go over to your oven And shove your head in it Kill yourself, really, you should do it There's really nothing to it Just grab a mug And chug a cup of lighter fluid
I sound un-empathetic I sound mean and rude Suicide is an epidemic And I don't want to be misconstrued Signs of depression go overlooked So if you're depressed Then you need to book A therapy session Talk about your depression Let a professional hear it But if you search for moral wisdom in Katy Perry's lyrics, then
Kill yourself, it won't be painful If you are able To give a little kiss to an oncoming train, you'll Kill yourself, it's over, mull it
There's a trigger, pull it Get it through your head, "it" being a bullet
Stick your tongue in a plug Suck a pipe of exhaust Make some toast in the tub Nail yourself to a cross Hold your breath till it's gone Drink a gallon of mace Be gay in Iran Let Oprah sit on your face Jump off of a bridge Skinny dip in a flood Sky dive attached to a fridge Drink a Haitian guy's blood Break into the zoo Give a tiger a shoveEat a Phillips head screw
Marry Courtney Love

Tank yo hahaha
Debate Round No. 1


Da fuq cuz

Why so violent, so sadistic, so malevolent. This begs me to ask, ke katiya mein tera heer bunke (what did i gain from this relationship). Ke katiya mein tera kheer bunke (what i did i gain from this rice pudding). You've left me no choice, betrayed by a voice? Did i die, 1000 times one lie. Now that i is dead, please don't drink the led. Romeo oh Romeo, why are you so butters, margarine, n jam. I'm surprised you jam, u listen to katy perry yeh? , did you pop her cherry yeh?

Cherry lemonade, all types of fooood...

I can has cheeseburger, no, no i can't, i is vegematerian. #saveTheLamas, they gangsta. Just like biggie, who shot ya?, i shot ya. U dead too mofo, we both burning in a meadow of hell, sent by the rainman himself. But its sunny today, so we weight. wait? waaaaaht. Did you just say pigeons are cia agents, the nosey Sonsa Bitchess.. #Conspiracy.


Minin' away
I don't know what to mine
I'll mine this anyway
In this Minecraft day
So beautiful, mine further down
What's that I found?
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
I'll mine them
So far I've got two!
So easy to mine
With my Minecraft pickaxe and shovels
Hopefully they stay
In my Minecraft chests
So I'm gonna make
A lock on it
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
I'll mine them
So far I've got two!
All these diamonds
Sittin' carefully lay
I'm getting worried
If they might get stolen
From my ender chest
Wait, who is that?
Holy sheep, it's Notch!
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Now they're safe
Now that they're safe
Mine diamonds, *heavy breathing* (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Debate Round No. 2


Diamonds are forever, so i Gotchya diamonds now boii, cosima diamond geezer, lady pleasure, role hard like monkey caesar, who u calling monkey??! U seen banana, man? I prefer orange is. But i just switched to tea mobile, green tea good for jew. Ouchie, i spill it over cox, Courtney cox, she Scream, arrrrghhhhhhh. thud. she just got got, now she living in aschoo, excuse me I'm ill. Thanks you will. What's your will?, il write ya bill. Cheque, nooe em passe, sivu plate. i skate, ice Kate. our mate, she dump Jack, cos he black, she apart tied. in a knot, not a not. the plot to steal the lot, bloodclot. L'hopital, jure worth it.


Ok ok that pretty good I rite diss track

O u think ur smort yer then me?!
Ononono u ain"t not smarter thn me!
I smortist ther es!
Ur brain is fizz!
O cmon fite me bro
O wate I cant
Cause ur nothin but a head an torso

Th erf es flat
And that"s that
I hav seen it myself
While u eet al th food on ur shelf
Being lazy whil I m on my jerny
I seen th edge ov th erf
U ca nt see ur on my terf

U mad bro
Ur so lite I could thro yo
Im flammin ya
Like flamin yung
U roast me
Like ur rost beef

U mak me wish I was the guy Logan mad fun ov
It is so aPAULing
U r so dum I wanna kil my self
Ill jump from ur ego dwn 2 ur iq levl
Cmon get on my levl!
U smell
I"m 12
U lose..
I win!!
Debate Round No. 3


So this is it, the #Conspiracy, cons piracy, x-rated bootlegged rum, yum yum. People just see scum, itchy bum. fire is my desire, when do u retire?, cos I got more wire. Oh snap, the pigeons are back, they want your track, you got no ballsack. 12+9= fine. I will be devine, build my shrine, brother mine. Me no w(h)ine, no no no no no, no, no. I o u, u n I, together again, but when? Then. scenes from the abyss, u were more make up then ya sis. If u know a diss, then dis be diss. Dis cuss, discuss,, rep resent. Message under livered, don't shoot me, just mute me, cos I go on n on n on, unstoppable. Granma tickly legit, 100% for real, u smell like eel. What to feel, nothing but highlight reel. Follow her, jesus knows, easter red nose, not yet, happy knew year. Year of the spinster, man who spins, I spin man like kane, song by uk grime artist grim sickers, I hate snickers. Marathon, run like the wind, its cold outside, stay indoors sunny jim, jim gone slim, slim like da "erf"? naa, slim like birdsshit. by them damn pigeons.


O ya wel not if I hav anythug 2 say aboat et hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahaa cheeken nugit golden niggit golden coin silver coin penny 1 sent 2 sent red sent blu scent rainbow oh no no to and fro ur 2 slo slo tow tow truck o frick lick th kik flick ick gros u not smort i m smort 2+2=4-1=3 quik mafs I win u looz no shooz drunk booz up down up sid own my own frown turn it up sid own onononononono dad don"t plees stop o no
Debate Round No. 4


What is with the unhealthy obsession with winning, you got dismissive parents or something?
You never win braaah, anyway les bian final show down.

Ad ed stipulation: If you sir, flat cat Stanley, can make me laugh, I will commit virtual suicide. I vow to delete both my accounts, if u can be make the unlaughable one laugh.

do it, do it, do it, ya cannot can ya.

I solved the #Conspiracy, went to the circus, got a job as a clown, natural fit, found the man behind the mirror, shot him 27 times, and his mother f'ing pigeons, eat them for breakfast, and flu away. that's cos i'm the illest. Now I own all the goddamn pigeons, we flyin high, higher than mount ever wrist, too much wrist, porn addict. no good for you, don't watch that. you become mind's prisoner, prison for gangsters, you gangster? nooooooo, you a chump. chump like ya president. Google President T, he mad crazy, crazy like people who believe "erf es flat".


Y wood i want u too leev u r my frend yes?? I stil must win so hahaha!!,
A poler bare waks in 2 a bar
Th bar tendr ses wut u want?!?
He sae i wanna bergr an
Th bar tener ses y th big paws
He ses idk I gess I yes born wif dum
Debate Round No. 5
11 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by dsjpk5 3 years ago
I don't think this has anything to do with you, mraaj. It's someone stalking me, and trying in vain to have at least one of my votes removed. It's quite comical, really.
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 3 years ago
Anyone interested In A festive laugh part two? Its guaranteed to make your day a good one.
Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
Think my nemesis follower' doesn't like me winning.
Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
>Reported vote: dsjpk5// Mod action: NOT Removed<

3 points to Pro (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: This a troll debate, so my rfd doesn't matter. I thought Pro was funnier and more nonsensical.

[*Reason for non-removal*] Whether this is a troll debate or not, it is not subject to the same standards as normal debates. As such, the voter is only required to give some indication of why they voted the way they did. This is sufficient.
Posted by Flatstanley 3 years ago
U rong my frend
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 3 years ago
Aii shut up!! don't you dare listen to MRAAJ, he doesn't know anything. I'm the best there is, don't mess with me! I always get what I want, I'm evil goddamnit!! Yawl losers
Posted by Flatstanley 3 years ago
Yes yes my frend
Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
My evil compadrey makes a lot of sense here, don't even know what flat Stanley is on about, i think he's on balloons. Stanley wins by far because it's all nonsense.
He's got a bright future ahead of him.
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 3 years ago
Diamonds are forever, i Gotchya diamonds now boy cos ima diamond geezer, lady pleasure, local freezer. U mans gonna bury like ceasar, while using deezer. I sneezer.

Now I'm royal, please didn't boil, just search up owen coyle. He look like tin foil. Oh snap is that ur soil. Trees please. Apple sauce with that, through in a iPhone with it. Top it up, with some beans. Jack beans talk, u stalk? Let's go for the walk, me no eat pork, oink oink Old macdonald had a slaughter house, e ji e ji oo. aaarrggghhhhhhhhhhhh, Scream. Courtney cox, sitting in a box, she the lady living in aschuu, I'm ill, got a flu. How's jack, still whack. I heard he's a diamond He's my biatch. Aye no swearing, what I'm a wearing? eergh pardon me paedo. i done mafia 2, cos I'm mafia too.
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 3 years ago
me too
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This a troll debate, so my rfd doesn't matter. I thought Pro was funnier and more nonsensical.

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